Perfect Valentine’s Day Presents

heart-147537_150Happy Valentine’s Day! What are you going to get your Valentine? Why not choose your present for your loved one using Astrology? Here are winning gift ideas that your Valentine will absolutely love.





Games, Sports, Knife or Caffeine. Maybe buy your Aries an espresso maker and enjoy a buzz with your love.


Money, Cashmere, Jewelry or Spa Treatments. You might have to spend some money on your Taurus, since they love luxury.


Magazine subscriptions, good pen and pencil set, trendy fashion or travel. A short road trip is always a treat for your adventurous Gemini.


Picture frames, photo albums, pillows or Food. Your Cancer will love for you to cook them dinner. Cook it with love!


Gold jewelry, season theater tickets, tiara for a woman or a crown for a man. Get dressed up and take your Leo out to dinner and theater. They always love to get shown off!


Tools, good watch, plants or gift card to a health store. The best thing you can do for your Virgo is to help with a project that they are working on right now.


Art, shopping, romance, silk pajamas or an intimate dinner for two. Your Libra will want it romantic, no matter what you do. A Valentine’s Day card is a must!


Mystery, puzzles, Sun glasses or a cape with a hood. Your Scorpio loves intensity, so you need to be passionate with your Valentine.


Travel to a foreign country, education classes or outdoor activities. A lovely hike in the country will be perfect for your Sagittarius. But, of course, a Mediterranean cruise would be the best.


Leather briefcase, luxury, nice clothing or fine art. Your Capricorn likes quality, not quantity, so choose something very nice.


Computers, tablets, high-tech gadgets, quirky and the unusual. Aquarius likes strange gifts, so you will need to be creative. The newest digital device would be perfect.


Fantasy, music, candles, incense and aroma therapy. Your Pisces loves to be in a romantic and sweet setting for Valentine’s Day.

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