Reflections on the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

StarMan5-14Now that the infamous Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 is technically over, I want to reflect on it. If you haven’t already, please read The Great Awakening of Spring 2014. To put it into one sentence…the Grand Cross was the tipping point that opens us up to the Aquarian Age. For a brief overview, there have been four planets in a big square in the sky for the last few months. Remember that a square is a red line of conflict. The slowest of the four planets are Pluto and Uranus, who will be square each other from 2011 – 2017. Pluto is the bully of the Zodiac and Uranus is the rebel and they are having a fight with each other now. Will the elite few or the masses win this one? I’ll bet on the masses. Then giant Jupiter in Cancer joined the Square to involve people in a personal way. The last trigger was aggressive Mars that brought the square to life.

Not only did we have this hairy Grand Cross, but we also had two eclipses flanking the exact date of the Cross. The Lunar Eclipse occurred on April 14th and the Solar Eclipse happened two weeks later on April 28th. The day of the exact Cardinal Cross was April 22nd, which was right in between the two eclipses. Even for a positive astrologer, like me, it was a bit dicey and prone to violence on a global level. But on exactly April 14th is when the 329 teenage Nigerian girls were kidnapped out of their beds from their boarding school, in the middle of the night. As I write this, only 53 of the girls have escaped and the rest are still being kept in hiding by extremists. Ok, that was worthy of a big red cross in the sky.

As an astrologer, I get the pulse of humanity on what is happening because of my friends and clients telling me about their lives as events occur. Here was the evening of April 14th for me. Since that was the Lunar Eclipse, I was planning to have a small viewing party to watch the Moon turn red. Remember the Blood Moon?  Three hours before the eclipse I got 4 phone calls right in a row. All emergency calls, but nothing life threatening. My brother-in-law was in the hospital passing kidney stones. Ouch. Another friend had emergency Gall Bladder surgery. Two more calls with similar, urgent situations that actually landed people in the hospital. Really?  All in one hour and just before the Lunar Eclipse?  Needless to say, the party didn’t happen, because one of the emergencies involved my guests. What a way to start this two-week phase of a hairy Cardinal Cross and two eclipses! So I watched the Lunar Eclipse by myself, cuddled under a comforter on a chez lounge in my backyard, trying not to read too much into the Blood Moon Eclipse. Of course, as an astrologer, that was hard to do. I have to admit that it all threw me off.

The other theme that happened with many of my clients was a rethinking of their careers. Many of them closed businesses only to start their dream life, which might have been opening another business or writing a book or finally becoming an artist. It seemed the timing was fairly quick to enact the change. New beginnings are everywhere.

Astrology works in an interesting way. Even though some events occur exactly on the day, as the events that happened on the Lunar Eclipse, there is a long-lasting effect too. That is why I called it The Great Awakening. Remember, we are only half way through the Pluto/Uranus square of 2011-2017, so we have more to come. My hope is that this unusual Grand Cross gave the Bully and the Rebel a push, in the right direction, so we can start to see the path that will lead us to the Aquarian Age.

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