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Sabian Symbols are a system of chart interpretation that uses images and archetypes as the basis of the chart. The traditional archetypical images are Mars is the Warrior and Venus is the Goddess. But this system has a different image for each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Each individual chart has ten planets and a few other personal points, and each one has a Sabian Symbol associated it. All together, they form our pantheon or grouping of our personal archetypes. Even though the traditional birth chart explains the astrological patterns, it doesn’t look at the deep sub-personalities as well as the Sabian Symbols do. In Susie’s Sabian Symbol Chart, one symbol is a parade, another is children blowing bubbles and one is a gypsy emerging from the forest, bringing knowledge to the city. For anyone who knows Susie, these are perfect symbols for her personal style of positive astrology. This style of astrology interpretation stimulates creativity. What are your inner personalities? The Sabian Symbols explains your alter ego — or perhaps it should be called your higher self.

Why do your Sabian Symbols?

  • Self-knowledge on a deep level
  • Creative way to look at Astrology
  • Instant understanding of a person’s inner motives
  • Defines your true talents and challenges


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Sabian Symbols



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