Saturn Turns Direct!

Saturn7-14Yes, we all want Saturn to be moving forward and it just changed directions! Saturn right in the middle of Scorpio, so moving direct it will affect our finances in a good way.

Saturn is the business planet of the Zodiac and Scorpio is the sign of money, so they like each other. But Saturn has been going backwards, or retrograding, since March 2nd and just turned direct now. Don’t feel bad if you have had business or financial matters on hold or delayed, because it’s part of the necessary cycle of weeding things out that aren’t meant to happen. The last four to five months have been a time to clear out the dead wood, so to speak. I would say let them go so you can start with fresh projects that are viable and profitable. Emotionally, this has also been a rough time. Scorpio is a water sign and is the deepest of all the other water signs of Cancer and Pisces. Cancer is like a babbling brook next to you having a picnic. Pisces is like the mist or low-hanging clouds on an overcast day. In contrast, Scorpio represents the deep, deep water in the ocean . . .dark, murky and mysterious. If you haven’t already, please go through your office, paperwork and business plans to toss the outdated ones and replace them with the current, exciting projects. This is the time to feel renewed and refreshed so you can move forward, just like Saturn. Just so you know, Saturn won’t turn direct again until March 2015, so make use of this forward motion!


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