Susie’s Love Signs is out!

Susie Cox Cover 6Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Susie’s Love Signs is available as an Ebook on Amazon. Here is the link for your copy.  Download Susie’s Love Signs  After many years of doing love compatibility charts for couples, I discovered the trick of how love astrology works and put it into this book. I got a little sexy with the signs in this book. Why not?

After I wrote Susie’s Sun Signs, I had lots of people asking me for a book on love astrology. They said, “Now that I know myself, I want to know how I get along with my partner”.  But I do admit that it took me a couple of years to figure out an easy way to display this complicated task. There are 78 different combinations of Sun signs, for example; Aries and Aries, Aries and Taurus or Aries and Gemini. It’s not an easy one to put together, but I did it. Just like in my last book, Susie’s Sun Signs, I used keywords extensively. The keywords I gave to each sign were Positive Keywords and Caution Keywords. The positive side Aries is a pioneering spirit of wonder. The caution side of Aries is impatience or anger. In this new book I included some new categories. New to each sign is a Sexy Keywords list. In addition, each sign now has a Turn-on. The turn-on for Taurus is Touch. The Turn-on for Gemini is Pillow Talk. What is the turn-on for your sign? Oh yes, this was a fun book to write!

My big statement in the book is: “Each astrology sign can be compatible with each other astrology sign”. Often astrology dictates that certain signs aren’t compatible with each other, which I knew wasn’t right. There are couples who have been married for 50 years with all the sign combinations, so I knew the old rules didn’t apply. I organized the sign combinations in three categories: Personalities, In the Bedroom and Cohabitation. Within each category I divided it up into “The Best” and “The Worst”.  So you can go to the exact section you want without having to read the entire chapter. The purpose of Susie’s Love Signs is as a reference guide to see how you get along with all the other signs.

Being an incurable romantic myself, my intention is to bring people together in loving relationships, using astrology as a tool. Happy loving!


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