Susie’s Love Signs is out by Christmas!

GeminiGreat News! My next book, Susie’s Love Signs, will be out soon! After I wrote my last book, Susie’s Sun Signs, everyone got to know who they were through their astrology signs and wanted a book about astrological compatibility. They needed a book about how each sign gets along with each other sign, or their love life. This book will be published on Amazon and will be able to be downloaded onto Kindle, or any other digital device, using the free Kindle app. They make it so easy to self-publish now, that in this digital age, the traditional publishers are going out of style. Susie’s Love Signs includes my art, which illustrates each of the signs in a new way. I’ve actually created a new astrological mythology for the Zodiac, showing the signs in a totally modern style. For example, instead of Aries being the “Ram”, I’ve named Aries the “Pioneer”, since that sign is the beginning of everything. Therefore, my image for Aries is the “Big Bang”, which is the classic beginning of everything. In my book, you’ll be able to look up any combination of sun signs and see how they get along with each other. A must for the dating scene. I will definitely be posting everyone when it’s ready!

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