Susie Cox has been a professional astrologer since 1971, during which time she has interpreted approximately 43,000 charts.Since 1981, she has been employed as an astrologer at the highly acclaimed, Tucson location of the Canyon Ranch Spa and Health Resort chain. She has spearheaded the growth of their popular Metaphysics Department and was appointed Master Astrologer in 2006. Her clients include an A-list of celebrities, business leaders, royalty, self-help gurus and politicians from all around the world.

As a highly regarded career astrologer, Susie reaches out in many directions to her ever-growing audience. She is an author of numerous astrological columns, articles and books.Early on in her career, in the late 1970’s, she gained additional experience of publishing and the media when she co-owned and operated The White Light Book Shop and Metaphysical Learning Center. Soon after, she became co-owner of The Aquarian Angels,a media company that published the wildly popular Aquarian Almanac. Much later, in 1992, Susie developed FISA, the Foundation for the International Study of Astrology and published the first edition of The International Directory of Astrologers, which sold in 57 countries. Susie now has extensive media experience in radio and TV and video production, having produced over 100 videos and sells astrological computer software.She is finishing a degree in astronomy and media arts at the University of Arizona, specializing in video production.

She is a well-known leader in the international astrological community and a member in good standing in the ISAR, International Society of Astrological Research,AFAN Astrological Federation of Astrological Networking and a founder of TAG, the Tucson Astrologers Guild.As an accomplished speaker in her field, she is regularly invited to lecture at national and international conferences. She presents workshops and does readings throughout the USA and Europe. One of her overseas locations is Alchemy, a very popular new age centre in London, England.Currently Susie is writing an astrology column for Holistic Health, a bi-monthly magazine published in Dublin, Ireland.

Although she travels extensively, Susie was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, where she now lives. Susie’s boundless energy and enthusiasm as well as her positive outlook on life bring hope, joy and inspiration to her clients.

She was featured in the New York Times, People Magazine, Forbes and Washington Post. She was also featured on A&E, National Geographic and The History Channel. Susie is listed in Marquis’s Who’s Who in the World, James R. Lewis’ Encyclopedia of Astrology and Sydney Omarr’s The Astrology Hall of Fame.