The Astrology of Prince William and Kate

drottningholm-palace-729470_1280This royal baby is being anticipated by the entire world in the Royal Baby Watch. Media is everywhere and people are holding their breaths to see if it’s a little prince or princess. My plan was to interpret the little one’s chart for my Leo Newsletter, which is the sign of Royalty. But alas, the royal birth hasn’t occurred yet, so the chart and interpretation are going to have to wait until later. But in preparation, I thought it would be nice to reprint an article I wrote about Will and Kate after their wedding. So here are the astrology charts for the soon-to-be parents of this very special child.

The Royal Romance

The handsome and beloved Prince chose his Princess and the entire world watched. It was a perfect fairytale wedding, full of love from everyone, including the bride and groom. Of course, I had to look at them astrologically and was hoping it was as beautiful as her stunning gown. After looking at their charts, I not only see a happy compatible marriage, but also babies. We have a perfect couple astrologically with Prince William and his Princess Katherine, as you will see.

Prince William and Kate are of the same generation, in fact, she was born six months earlier than William. She was born in January ’82 and is a sophisticated Capricorn with a Full Moon in cozy Cancer. William was born in June ’82 and is a double Cancer with both is Sun and Moon in that sign. He was born on the New Moon in Cancer and she was born on the Full Moon in Cancer. This is the sign of home and family and is why they can just be with each other and feel comfortable. They will be exemplary parents and role models. Her Capricorn Sun will keep her level-headed and down to earth. She is “one of the people”, which gives her a feeling that you almost know her and definitely like her.

They both have several planets in Libra and as part of their generation, they are here to understand and master relationships. They both have Mars, the planet of anger, in the gentle sign of Libra. No fights between this comfy couple, they just can’t do it. They will cherish private time for just them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a royal bump on her sooner than later.

The other thing that stands out in both of their charts is the royalty in their astrology charts. Jupiter is a very regal, generous planet of fame. The MC is the point of reputation and both of their Jupiters are up there. They were born to do this. The other thing that happens between both of their charts is that their planets form a perfect triangle (as you can see in the charts). That brings harmony and closeness. The planet that is forming a triangle is Mercury in both of their charts. Mercury is the planet of communication. They not only will have good communication between themselves personally, but will also be connected with the public more than most royalty.

They are both going to have their Saturn return September and October 2011. Saturn high in their charts, like in both of theirs, indicated authority in the public eye. They will bring a sense of balance, calm and hope for us all. The Saturn return is a time for maturing in a person and their destiny is to mature in public view.

Prince William inherited much of his kindness from his angel, humanitarian mother, Diana. Not only did he inherit her compassion, but he also inherited her astrology. Diana was what sign? A Cancer with her birthday July 1, 1961. If Diana is reading this and wants to make sure her sweet son is going to have a happy marriage and royal family, I want to tell her not to worry. This is a match made in heaven.

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