The End of the Cardinal Grand Cross!

dancing-156041_640Yes, the official end of the Cardinal Grand Cross is here! Word of the day…Relief. We can get going with our new lives, now that everything has changed.





Even though the chart of the day looks complicated, which it is, there is no longer a big red square. For the last month we’ve had tough astrology, only to be triggered off by two eclipses. I have to admit that I’m glad it’s over and actually very relieved, because it could have been much worse. I’ll be writing an article in my Gemini Newsletter on my reflections of the Grand Cross, now that it’s done. Don’t feel bad if your life has been a bit shaken up, it’s meant to be that way. Now is the time to review the changes and see where you are going in the near future. All is different now. Where do you begin?


Yes, the infamous Cardinal Grand Cross is over! I have lots of very interesting stories I’ll be sharing in my article in my Gemini Newsletter. Looking at the transits of today, we have Venus in Aries in opposition to Mars in Libra. What an odd combination of planets and signs! Passive aggressive or not being able to make quick decisions could be in the air. I’m going to use that one to enhance my creativity with the painting I’m doing on my house and landscaping now. Venus will be conjuncting Uranus soon too. Relationships have to be up in the air with this one also.

May 9001


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