The Great Awakening of Spring 2014

CactusFlower3-19-14Humanity is in an upheaval or revolution, which is actually nothing short of a paradigm shift – and it’s happening in the next couple of months. The spring of 2014 will go down in history as the tipping-point time that brought about a spike in social change. We’re seeing the beginnings of this change politically with the gay equality movement and marijuana laws getting passed. It’s just a beginning, folks! Everything will seem or be different soon, so fasten your seat belts because we’re in for a wild ride.

My logo says, “Positive Astrology”, and this is the time to see the best of everything. But I also have to be realistic and not sugar coat things. Several planets are forming what astrologers are calling, “The 2014 Cardinal Cross.” Cardinal refers to the signs the mark the seasons: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. When four planets oppose and square each other, they form a major configuration called a Grand Square or Grand Cross. These are all red lines, which are the angles of challenge, change and conflict. In contrast, the major configuration for the blue lines is a Grand Trine, which brings harmony and unity. The basis of astrology is geometry and there is a constant dance between red and blue lines in the sky. The red lines push us and the blue lines give the new awareness an outlet in the world. We’re now in a red, pushing phase.

The beginning of this current Grand Cross actually started in June 2012 when Pluto and Uranus squared each other. Pluto represents people in positions of power versus Uranus being the planet of revolution and sudden change. I’ve nicknamed Pluto the Bully and Uranus the Rebel. Pluto is the elite, corporations, big business, Congress, the Supreme Court and government. Uranus is the masses, the 99%, inventions, change, the digital age and social media. So the Bullies are fighting with the Rebels, and it started then. Of course, Arab Spring was the perfect kickoff to this revolution or awakening. Remember that is when a dictator was overthrown by people uniting using Twitter and social media.

Pluto’s orbit is 248 year and Uranus’ orbit is 84 years. Since both Pluto and Uranus are slow-moving planets, they’ll be making seven different exact squares. The exact dates of their squares are:  1) June 2012. 2) September 2012. 3) May 2013. 4) November 2013. 5) April 2014. 6) December 2014. 7) March 2015. But using a four-degree orb, their square will be felt until April 2017. So this is a five-year window in time of drastic change. By the way, the last time Pluto squared Uranus was from 1932-1934, but that’s an entirely different article.

Mars and Jupiter are the other two planets forming the Grand Cross. Mars is a catalyst and kicks everything into motion. Of course, Mars also has a nasty side that likes to fight and start wars.  Jupiter, on the other hand, is mostly a benevolent planet. But its weakness is excess and has a tendency to stir up a situation and make it bigger. Jupiter just can’t think small. So, even the Miss Positivity in me sees that this is a potential time for upset and change on a huge scale. Of course, astrology works with the macrocosm as well as with the microcosm. So these monumental changes in the world are also happening in each of our personal lives. We’re changing from within and there’s no turning back.

Here are the key dates of this window of opportunity for immense personal and collective change, leading to new growth. It’s like we’re all little sprouts learning how to grow again all new and fresh.  Mars has been retrograding and basically hovering around this square for a few months. On January 10th, Jupiter came into alignment with both Pluto and Uranus, forming a T-Square. Then Mars formed the other point, turning it into a Grand Cross from January 10th – January 20th. So that one was a quick trigger, but then Mars went retrograde on March 1st and is moving backward to that point again. The time that Mars will bring to life the Grand Cross and likely events in the world is April 10th through May 11. Although there is one day when all four planets, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars will all be at 13 degrees, which is the peak of the Cardinal Cross. That date is April 22nd. It is interesting that Easter Sunday is April 20th.  That will be a week of transformation, worthy of Easter and resurrection.

Remember I said that there is a dance between the planets with the red and the blue lines always changing as the planets move forward along their orbits. After the peak of this red Grand Cross, there will be a sweet blue line between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer now, which relates to caretaking of the family. How perfect for the Affordable Health Care Act to go into effect with benevolent Jupiter in Cancer. Saturn is in Scorpio now, which represents structure and business, especially concerning finance. Harmony between these two planets will help bring stability to the family as well as to humanity. The dates of this positive alignment will be April 25th through June 18th. Also, Jupiter moves forward and separates from Pluto and Uranus after May 25th. So except for the real slow guys, Pluto and Uranus through 2017, the Cardinal Cross will end by June.

In a perfect scenario, the abrupt changes that will happen from April 10th through May 11th, peaking on April 22nd, will ultimately break apart the old and stuck to bring about needed change. Even though Pluto will still be dancing with Uranus until 2017, the turning point, or awakening is happening now. It’s important to remember that, even though the sky is turbulent, we are the ones in charge of our lives. But going with the natural flow, what changes do you want to make? Now is the time!

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