The Oscars

hollywood-116225_150The Academy Awards were on last night, which is always one of my favorite shows of the year. Why? Because I get a chance to see many of my clients getting an award! Some of my clients received award and some of them were presenters. How many do you say? Because of my confidentiality as an astrologer, I can’t give names, of course. But I did 12 of my clients who were featured last night. It’s always wonderful to see what they look like now, what they are wearing and how their careers are blossoming. I feel so lucky to be connected to such amazing people. Yes, there is a thing called “Star Quality”. They seem to shine brighter than most people, which is why I’m not surprised to see them so successful. I particularly loved the comments of the lovely Lupita Nyong’o. She said that when she went to her audition, she just pretended that she had already gotten the part and that she was going to a rehearsal instead of an audition. Now that’s a winning attitude! Matthew McConaughey also had a successful belief system. He needs something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. He is so clever that the person he’s chasing is his successful self 10 years from now. Not only are these stars talented actors, but they also have belief in themselves, which is why they win.

It’s my honor and pleasure to work with Oscar-winning actors as well as Grammy-winning musicians and share my world of astrology with them.

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