The Water Grand Trine of 2013

TrianglesThe summer of 2013 will be remembered astrologically by this rare Water Grand Trine. It is so important that it warranted an article explaining the importance of this geometric pattern. Astrology is a clock in the sky, actually a calendar. It’s like a secret code and is deciphered through the geometric pattern formed between the planets. I’ve color coded this geometry into red and blue lines. The red lines describe challenge between the planets versus the blue lines that depict harmony. When three of more planets form a perfect blue triangle, it’s major harmony in the world. But this one was even more special because of the planets involved.

The Moon can create a perfect triangle, but it will only last for a few hours, because the Moon moves so quickly. When the slow planets are involved, the triangle or Grand Trine lasts much longer. This perfect triangle was formed by Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, who are all slow-moving planets. Saturn has an orbit of 29 years; Neptune has an orbit of 165 years; and Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years. So they don’t do this often. They are all in water signs with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. Water brings the element of compassion, healing and love.

What do the planets symbolize in this triangle of compassion? Saturn brings the ability to accomplish easily. Neptune contributes the talent to dream and Jupiter offers an unbridled knowing of success. This is the time for humanity to come together and create our dreams through practical, down-to-earth projects. Saturn likes something tangible as a result for his focus of attention. Using keywords, this triangle means: Success with accomplishing our dreams using practical means.

There is one more, rare planetary alignment that is helping this Grand Trine be even more effective. Remember the infamous square between Uranus and Pluto? It’s a red line that is here until 2017, and we are  smack in the middle of that planetary dance right now. Uranus is the rebel and Pluto is the bully and they are trying to figure out how to get along. Not an easy pairing, I have to admit. If the bully tries to control or dominate the rebel, there’s trouble. Humanity is defining its sense of freedom and autonomy against the corporate, big government, and an unending number of new laws to protect us.

When you combine the Water Grand Trine of creating our dreams with the radical expression of the rebellious square, it is a recipe for moving forward very fast. If we combine the fierce independence of the square with the clarity of vision of the trine, we can accomplish anything, personally as well as collectively. I call this perfect geometry.

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