Transits during Aquarius 2014

aquarius_dna[1]The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 19th at 8:52 p.m., Mountain Standard Time. Aquarius is an air sign that is associated with the radical planet, Uranus. I’ve named Aquarius the Rebel who brings sudden changes to the world. Oh yes, Aquarius is also the genius of the Zodiac, so please don’t take those born under this sign for granted just because they’re eccentric. Someone has to be different and it’s the job of Aquarius to shake things up a bit.

This is a month for retrogrades, starting with the beautiful “Evening Star”. Venus is retrograde right now, which is why she has disappeared in the evening sky. It will be in retrograde motion until January 31st. This time it is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, so that sign is particularly feeling it. A retrograde is the editing or regrouping time for the planet. Since Venus is farther from the Sun than Mercury, the Venus retrograde is less frequent and lasts for almost six weeks instead of three weeks for Mercury. It means a deep restructuring in the Venus arena, which is art, music, beauty, security and of course, love. With Jupiter retrograding in the homey sign of Cancer, the love and family theme is strong this month. This is a perfect time to let go of old relationship patterns that are not needed any more. Also, clean out your closet or freshen things up around your house.

Right after Venus turns direct on January 31st Mercury turns retrograde on February 7th. The Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Aquarius, so look at your electronics or software and see if you can upgrade things. Aquarius is associated with high tech gadgets, the internet and inventions. I think I’ll at least tackle all those computer wires that I try to hide, unsuccessfully so far.

The largest planetary alignment this month is Jupiter opposing Pluto on January 31st. This slow-planet lineup started in August 2013 and won’t end until April 2014. Jupiter in Cancer represents humanity and the everyday person. Pluto is the archetype of people in positions of power, so this is the time for the people to be heard. This is interesting timing with the Affordable Health Care Act making insurance available to millions who were previously uninsured. This one is so important that I’m writing an entire article on it.

Another thing that occurs on January 30th is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This year brings the animal of the Wood Horse. Beloved to the Chinese, the Horse brings joy, a need for travel and expanded self-expression.

Regarding the visible planets this month, I’m sad to say that Venus has now set in the glow of the Sun, only to emerge as the “Morning Star” on January 17th.  Venus will then be visible in the predawn sky until September 17th. So we have to say goodbye to the easy viewing of Venus for a while. But we do have beautiful Jupiter rising after sunset in the eastern sky and will be visible until July 11th. This month the Moon will join Jupiter on February 9th – 11th, so be sure to put that date on your calendar.

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