Transits during Gemini

Gemini summerThe Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th at 8 p.m., Mountain Time. Summer, vacations and fun all belong to Gemini, which is an air sign that is associated with talkative Mercury, the planet of communication. In Susie’s Sun Signs, I’ve named Gemini the Student/Teacher because they just love to learn and then share it with the world. Gemini classically makes perfect teachers, journalists, authors, public speakers and internet entrepreneurs. Hint: they don’t take direction well and need to be their own bosses.

The Cardinal Grand Cross I’ve been talking about is now over. It was such an important lineup that I’m writing an article in this newsletter about it. Now that it’s done and we can see it with greater hindsight. I have to admit that the combination of the Grand Cross with two eclipses was quite a lot to handle. I’ll give plenty of detail of what I saw happening during that time in my article.

Gemini starts off nicely with Mars turning to direct motion, after having been retrograde since March 2nd. Mars retrograded in Libra, which weeded out relationships that weren’t working for us. From what I heard from my clients, the necessary breakups were done smoothly and without much emotional drama. Of course, Libra would give even a breakup a style of grace and respect. Many are keeping their X as a friend, which is also a Libra quality. But Mars is much more than relationship patterns and affects all forward movement. Don’t feel frustrated, because our projects will be more easily accomplished with Mars going forward.

The other positive planetary alignment happening now is a trine, or blue line, between Jupiter and Saturn. This is a perfect aspect to follow the Cardinal Cross and two eclipses, which broke down the old patterns. Jupiter and Saturn will help bring in new business and opportunities, now that the other ones have been completed by the Grand Cross. Jupiter represents abundance and Saturn has the fortitude to pull it off. This sweet trine will be in orb from May 24th through June 20th. Define your dreams and this powerful, slow-moving positive angle will open some doors to your future.

For exciting planetary viewing, on May 30th right after sunset in the western sky, you will see a close alignment of the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is quite hard to see because it’s so dim and needs a clear horizon from clouds or haze. But it’s always a treat when I do spot tiny Mercury. This will be an important evening for seeing the planets, because we have to say goodbye to comforting Jupiter, who is now being swallowed up by the glow of the Sun. After months of seeing Jupiter transvers the sky, this will be our last viewing of Jupiter. The next time we’ll see Jupiter will be in the morning, predawn sky. But we still have Mars to follow, who is now high in the sky after sunset. But alas, nothing is like brilliant Jupiter, who I will sorely miss.

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