Transits During Leo

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd at 8:56 a.m., Pacific Daylight Time. It’s quite a day for the Sun to enter Leo, because it’s also the Full Moon. In fact, this is a Super Moon and will appear a bit larger and brighter than a normal Full Moon. Since the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the Sun, this one is in independent Aquarius.

The big astrological event occurring during Leo is the long-lasting water Grand Trine. Saturn is in Scorpio and Neptune is in Pisces and they are trine each other. They are both slow-moving planets, which is why it has lasted this entire summer. Jupiter is now in the sign of  Cancer and is forming a Grand Trine to the other two slow guys. Water represents compassion, healing, caring and a sense of community. Saturn is the planet of focus and responsibility and will help the other planets accomplish their goals. Neptune is the healer, bringing spirituality and blessings to the mix. To kick them off is generous Jupiter, which will bring the alignment to life with a dynamic style. If we all have an intention to bring love and acceptance to the world, this could be a turning point in humanity. This is a very rare event, so I’m hoping for big changes as a result.

The other pattern between the planets is the also long-lasting square between Uranus and Pluto. I wrote several articles about that one, naming it “Revolutionary Times.” Those two planets of drastic change will be tracking each other until 2017! Therefore, we are in one of the most major times of transition, right now. Mars will be triggering them off the end of July. On July 27th, Mars opposes Pluto. That’s a tender time in dealing with authority figures. No speeding or you’ll get stopped by a cop. On July 31st, Mars squares electric Uranus, which might bring wild, crazy energy. So take is easy the last week of July.

Jupiter will come into an opposition to Pluto on August 7th, which will also deal with authority figures. Try to own your power and you will be the authority figure during that time, instead of some bully. It might be easier because Mercury enters the powerful sign of Leo on the following day, August 8th, which will help you find your confident voice. To end up the month, Venus enters Libra on August 16th. That is a time of yummy pampering and indulgence. Aaahhh. Yes.

As far as the visible planets for this month, we have a few. Of course, bright Venus is in the evening sky just above the sunset. You can’t miss her! Saturn is a bit harder to spot, since he’s not as bright. Saturn is higher in the southern sky after sunset. In addition, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are visible in the eastern predawn sky. Remember the planets are always on the ecliptic . . . the imaginary line that connects the sunrise, noon-day Sun and sunset. Find the Sun during the day and that’s where the planets will always be at night. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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