Transits During Leo

sun-flower-179010_640The Sun enters the sign of Leo on July 22nd at 2:42 p.m., Mountain Time. Leo is a fire sign that is associated with nothing other than the Sun itself. No wonder Leo is always the center of attention. In my book, Susie’s Sun Signs, I’ve named Leo the Entertainer of the Zodiac. Even if Leo isn’t on stage, they are always entertaining. Ideally, since Leo is the natural leader, it is a good thing if they are in charge. It’s ok to let them take over….it is the destiny of Leo.

We have a month without too many major astrological events occurring. Mercury is no longer retrograde and has moved into normal direct motion. The only retrograde planets are the slow guys, which are retrograde for many months, so it’s not a big deal. Pluto is retrograde for five months each time and is not one of the major cycles to observe. We don’t have an eclipse until October. Hey, after the Cardinal Cross and the recent Mercury retrograde, I’m happy to have a more relaxed month.

There are a couple of great planetary viewing days during Leo. On August 3rd – 5th in the evening sky, the Moon will be joining both Mars and Saturn. On August 4th, the Moon will be right between both of those planets to make it even easier to find them. For those of you who are early risers, Venus will join Jupiter on August 14th – 16th in the eastern predawn sky. They will be very close to the horizon, so you will be need a clean eastern view.

But the planets are always doing a dance and who is in the limelight now is good ole Jupiter, the Big Guy. For months now, we’ve been able to see Jupiter transverse the evening sky. I can officially say that the Sun has caught up with Jupiter who is now lost in the bright glow of the Sun. So what does that mean, astrologically? On July 16th, Jupiter left the sign of Cancer and entered Leo. Since the Sun is entering Leo on July 22nd, they are both moving into that dynamic sign at just about the same time. When a slow planet enters a new sign, I say it always enters with its entourage. Not only are the Sun and Jupiter in Leo, but Mercury enters Leo on July 31st and Venus is in Leo on August 12th. Oh yes, that’s a Leo party. There will be four planets in Leo from August 12th through August 16th. The Full Moon is on August 10th, so please have a summer party that week!

Jupiter will feel more comfortable in Leo than it did in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is known for extravagance and over-the-top actions, which works very well for the sign of Leo. Jupiter will be in Leo until August 12th in2015. Expect big entertainment, flashy style and golden accents. How exciting that Jupiter’s stay in Leo opens with a Leo party. I think it’s a sign of what’s to come. Be prepared to think and act big!

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