Transits during Pisces

water-lily-140727_150The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on February 18th at 11 a.m., Mountain Standard Time. Pisces is a water sign that is associated with the Intuitive planet, Neptune. I’ve named Pisces the Dreamer, who are both the gurus and the drug addicts of the Zodiac. They like to be in altered states of consciousness, whether it’s meditation, prayer or a glass of wine. Even without any substances, they are mostly in a private, protected bubble. Many healers, therapists, musicians, artists and dancers are Pisces.

We still have some retrograde planets this month, even though Mercury turns to direct motion the last day of the month on February 28th. Mars is the next planet to go on its backward journey for a while. On March 2nd, Mars turns retrograde in the sign of Libra and won’t turn back direct until May 20th! We’re very familiar with the quick, three-week retrograde of Mercury. The slower that the planet moves on its orbit, the longer the retrograde period lasts. Pluto is in retrograde for half of the year, every year. So I don’t mention the outer planets’ retrograde as unusual events. The retrograde is the editing phase for the planet. Mars will be retrograding in Libra this time, which is the sign of romance. Many relationships are taken to a different level during time in Libra, especially with Mars transiting through that sign. Be bold and get what you want during this time. Are you ready for love?

The New Moon in Pisces is quite extraordinary this time on February 28th and March 1st. The Pisces New Moon is a spiritual time to reboot each year. But this New Moon has the Sun, Moon and Neptune all together, which is fairly rare. Since Neptune is the planet that is associated with Pisces, it gives it an extra strong dose of spirit. If you’re ready to start a meditation or yoga class, this is the time. If you are feeling creative and want to put some color to paper, please do it on the first weekend of March for a great kick start to your creative or spiritual projects.  To balance the Pisces New Moon, on March 16th will occur the Full Moon in Virgo. Pisces is the Dreamer and Virgo is the Perfectionist and they make the odd couple of the Zodiac. Virgo is always trying to organize Pisces, which of course, is an impossible task. Use the Virgo Full Moon to consolidate all the beautiful things that you created on the Pisces New Moon.

As far as for the visible planets this month, we’re in luck, especially if you are an early riser. Venus, Mars and Saturn are all visible in the predawn along the ecliptic. The Moon transits past them all from February 19th through February 27th. The planetary show will be worth getting up a bit early, I promise.  I call them diamonds in the sky and we’ll have four diamonds together on those dates. For the late sleepers, bright Jupiter will be up all night.  For a real treat, the Moon will join Jupiter in the evening sky on March 9th.

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