Transits During Scorpio 2013

ScoprioThe Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd at 11:10 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. Scorpio is a water sign that is associated with the planet Pluto. This is the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac, partly because of the privacy needs built into Scorpio. Try not to ask too many questions of this sign, because they will feel pressured and elude you. Sometimes silence is the best with Scorpio.

Mercury turned retrograde October 21st and will end its retrograde journey and move into direct motion on November 11th. Mercury retrograding in Scorpio would encourage inward reflection almost to a need for hibernation. If you feel extra quiet, go with it. This retrograde will be in the financial sign of Scorpio and as I write this, the US Government is shut down and the debt ceiling is looming ahead of us like a dark cloud. Retrograde motion is the time that the bugs get worked out and I call it the “editing phase.” Apparently, the imminent Mercury retrograde is adding stress to the financial world even before it happens. Let’s all hope it get resolved before the actual Scorpio retrograde raises its serpent head to strike.

This is one of the two eclipse seasons of the year. We will have a Solar Eclipse on the Scorpio New Moon on November 3rd. This eclipse is an unusual one and is named a Hybrid Eclipse. It’s partly an annular eclipse and also partly a total eclipse, both seen at different sections on the eclipse path. With an annular eclipse, the Sun can be seen as a ring of light around the Moon which is in the center. With a total eclipse, the Moon totally blocks the Sun and completely covers all the sunlight. Even though this eclipse can only be seen in Europe and Africa, we can all feel it. Let go of any old patterns that are not serving you during this time. It’s interesting timing that Daylight Savings Time also changes on the day of the eclipse.

For the visible planets this month, Venus is easily seen in the western sky right after sunset. For the last few weeks, Saturn and Venus have been moving past each other. Venus is high in the sky and Saturn has now disappeared into the glow of the sunset. It’s been wonderful watching them dance with each other, but now it’s over.  In the predawn eastern sky, we can still see both Mars and Jupiter above the Sun. The Moon will be moving past Mars and Jupiter for a beautiful show from October 25th – 29th. Yes, It will be worth getting up early to see them!


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