Transits during Taurus

Taurus4-2014The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 19th at 8:56 p.m., Mountain Time. Taurus is an earth sign that is associated with Venus, the planet of love. I’ve named Taurus the Banker, because they seem to attract quality effortlessly. Taurus is the sign of cashmere, since they have a strong sense of touch and need to have soft fabrics against their skin. A great present for your Taurus loved one is a very high quality set of sheets. Only the very softest, please.

The month of Taurus starts out with a bang astrologically. If you haven’t already read my article, “The Great Awakening of Spring 2014,” please read it. The planets are forming a very rare alignment in the sky for the next month and I go into greater detail and give specific dates. To summarize briefly, humanity is in a transformation now that lasts from 2011 through 2017. The slow planets of Pluto and Uranus are square to each other for that entire time, counting a small orb. Pluto is the bully and Uranus is the rebel and they are at odds with each other now. To complicate the picture, Jupiter and Mars are lining up with them to expand their one square into a Grand Square or Grand Cross. Many astrologers are calling it the “Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014.” The dates all those planets are lining up with each other are from April 20th through April 23rd, peaking on April 22nd. As I look at the calendar, I see that April 22nd is Earth Day and is two days after Easter. All in all, the month of April will bring huge changes to us personally as well as to humanity. We have to encourage change, because it’s inevitable. What do you want to change in your life? Now is the time!

The other big events during April are two eclipses. Twice a year we have the eclipse seasons, and one of those seasons is upon us now. The total Lunar Eclipse occurred on April 15th and was joined by Mars for quite a sight. The Lunar Eclipse was throughout most of the United States. But the Solar Eclipse is an Annular Eclipse, which has a ring of light from the Sun around the Moon and is not a total eclipse. Also, this Annular Eclipse can only be seen in a small part of Antarctica. Even if we can’t see the eclipse from our location, we can feel it. Since this eclipse is so close to the Cardinal Grand Cross, it will likely intensify the overall astrological outlook, giving it more power.

For those of you who love to spot the planets in the sky, like me, viewing will be exciting during this month. For early risers, On April 25th – 26th check out the eastern sky just before sunrise and you will see the Moon joining very bright Venus. It always amazes me how bright they are together. For viewing planets in the night sky, we can now see Jupiter and very bright and red Mars. Because Mars is in opposition to the earth now, it appears much brighter. Mars won’t be this bright again for six years, so be sure you make an effort to see the red planet. You don’t have to go out to the country, but you can see Mars from your backyard.  So to watch a real show, pay attention to the Moon’s transit through the sky in the evening as it joins both Jupiter and then Mars. The Moon joins Jupiter on May 4th, and then joins Mars on May 11th. I know I’m going to be watching the sky that entire week, just for fun.

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