Welcome to Sagittarius!

bigstock-Sagittarius-or-Archer-woman-t-25734932The Sun will be entering the sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, November 21st at 8:48 pm Mountain Standard Time. Word of the day . . . Celebration. We are coming to the end of the Scorpio party, which is worth celebrating! The holiday season is beginning now!





There is a perfect triangle in the sky today, but it will be a  fast one because the Moon is making the third point. The Moon moves from 12 – 15 degrees a day, so it moves right along fast. If you stay up tonight fairly late, the Moon will rise with the planet Jupiter next to it. They are always a sweet pair to watch. Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius and also parties and celebrations. I know it’s in the middle of the week, but see if you can be as joyous as you can to honor Jupiter. Oh darn, we need to play more?


We have a Grand Trine in water today with the Moon trining both Neptune and the Scorpio party. There are almost two Grand Trines today, with the earth trines from Pluto and Venus to the South Node and Mars. That one will be ending, because Mars is almost out of orb with Venus. It’s been a sweet Grand Trine, I have to admit. The Moon is not only forming a Grand Trine to the water planets, but is also forming a T-Square to Pluto and Uranus. But we can see the Moon heading to Jupiter, which we can see later tonight.


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