What is a love compatibility chart?

lips-145758_150Astrology is a great tool to see how compatible two people are in a relationship. Does his Mars join your Venus? Have you been together in past lives and why are you together this lifetime? All this and much more can be seen in the love compatibility charts. Let’s look at this tool of how astrology can peak into our love lives at little more deeply.

Each person has a birth chart, which is a picture of where the planets were when you were born. A birth chart defines your purpose in life, pointing out easily your talents as well as your challenges. I call it looking at your karma and your destiny. For a quick definition: karma equals challenges and destiny equals talents. There is a fascinating interplay between both of those patterns in every birth chart. The destiny is always trying to heal the karma in the chart. After I interpret the birth chart, then we look at the Transits, or where the planets are today. The Transits show us the current cycles in the person’s life.

With a love compatibility chart, first I interpret one person’s chart and transits and then do the same for the other person. How can I look at the comparison between both charts for love without knowing the current cycles of each person? Both people knowing where they individually are in their lives has to be part of the reading.

But the magic comes when I put both of the birth charts together and see how they join each other. If each chart defines our purpose and exposes our soul, seeing why these two met in the first place becomes so very obvious through astrology. For example, if his Mars joins her Venus, it’s a match made in heaven with love and passion. But if his Saturn, the authority planet, joins her Pisces Sun, she could feel suppressed by him. All this is very easy to see in their compatibility reading.

The charts will show the destiny of each person and how that combines with the other person’s destiny. Many couples meet each other through a common interest and often enhance their destiny by joining their passions. I have two clients who are both musicians and fell in love around their music. They formed a band and have been performing together ever since they met. They’re a pleasure to watch because not only do the love their music, but they love each other and it radiates from the stage when they perform.

Also seen in compatibility charts are the potential challenges within the relationship, which is always helpful. As in the case of the musicians, they met through their Destiny, which is music, and even became more successful together than they were by themselves. Some people attract relationships to help them work out their challenges in life. I see many women who marry men who “remind them of their father.” Or other patterns are around control versus freedom issues in the relationship. But it’s important to remember that we only attract someone else’s challenging pattern if we also have it in our chart. It’s like a mirror of ourselves so we can learn better.

The first thing I do when I meet someone significant in my life, whether personal or business, is a compatibility chart between us. Not only do I know them better, but I can easily see the strengths and shortcomings of our relationship. Thank goodness for love astrology . . . it has saved me many times.

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