What to do during Mercury retrograde!

arrow-145784_640Yes, Mercury is now in retrograde motion and will be until July 2nd. Word of the retrograde…Organization. This time Mercury will be moving backwards in both the sign of Cancer and Gemini. How do we use this retrograde?

Retrograde is the editing phase in life. It is actually the best time to toss what is no longer necessary and reorganize the rest. Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Cancer from June 7th until June 16th, when it enters Gemini. It will be in Gemini until it goes direct, but won’t enter Cancer again until July 13th. While Mercury is in Cancer, tackle your kitchen and clean out the cupboards. When is the last time you went through your pots and pans? I bet it’s been a while. Go for it and it will give you a smile to be so fresh and clean. When Mercury does move into Gemini, move your focus to your office. This is the most perfect time to go through you files and throw away what is not needed any more. Organize your emails, correspondence and any form of paperwork. The only thing I wouldn’t do, if you can possible avoid it, is sign an important contract, like buying a house. If you must, make sure you read the fine print and understand all the details. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for misunderstandings.

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