One of the best ways to get to know your child is through astrology. Susie Cox can explain your little one’s personality, talents, challenges and purpose in life. One you know that, you can the best parent possible!


When your baby takes his or her first breath, your child is born. At the same time, a unique astrology chart is also born. The astrology birth chart defines the purpose in life for your little being. If you want to get to know your newborn baby, even before he or she can walk or talk, have an astrology birth chart created by Susie Cox. A baby born under the sensitive sign of Pisces will need a different way of being raised that a tough little Aries. The Aries baby is much more resilient and independent than the gentle Pisces. Their astrology birth charts will explain these differing personality traits and take some of the pressure off the mother or parents. When you know the style that fits your child naturally, you will automatically become a more intuitive parent.


The best present for a new mother is the birth chart of her baby!


One of the best birth presents anyone can give to a newborn baby and to the new parents is an astrological birth chart. Susie’s clients have kept the charts and the recordings that she did for their newborn babies as a valuable record. When the children grow up a bit, they can listen to the recording. The parents, as well as the children, find it amazing how the chart interpreted at birth explained their life as they grew up.

Parents . . . now is the time to have your family comparison!

The ultimate astrology compatibility is to compare all the charts of your family, and see how they get along with each other. Typically, there are areas of compatibility and others that aren’t quite as harmonious. When you know their compatible sides, it’s easy to encourage those patterns in your family’s daily activities. For example, one mother was having a hard time with her children arguing with each other. Susie analyzed all their charts and found out they all had the same Mars and they would fight when it was triggered off by the Moon. Susie suggested that when that occurred, the mother should give them work projects to do together. Lo and behold, they were fabulous work mates. That mother has always been thankful to Susie for her insights. Her children are now adults and are very compatible with each other, and now have children of their own. And yes, they had the charts done for all their newborns, too!



Astrology Birth Charts for Newborns and Children