Astrology During Aquarius

    The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 20th at 7:24 a.m. Mountain Time. Aquarius is an air sign and is associated with the planet Uranus. Aquarius is the sign that brings new opportunities and unusual excitement to the world. Typical Aquarian occupations include consultants, astrologers, counselors, electricians, computer programmers, sociologists and test pilots. Aquarius is the rebel of all the signs. If you want a friend to get wild with, choose an Aquarian.

    This month starts out with a bang. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th at 7:24 a.m. Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th at 6:24 p.m. They both enter a new sign on exactly the same day. Pluto does its last retrograde in Capricorn from September 3rd until November 19th, when Pluto stays in Aquarius all the way until 2044! We are on the verge of a huge turning point in humanity with this rare Pluto transit. This is the time to speak your mind, stand up tall and realize your strength. This will happen personally, as well as collectively.

    All the faster planets will be in Aquarius this month too. We will have Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Aquarius, which doesn’t happen very often. Everyone will feel like they’re an Aquarian for the next few weeks. Be bold and try new experiences, especially if it scares you a bit. Are you up for taking a trip to somewhere new? Maybe take a class and learn a new hobby. This is the month to be adventurous!

    Regarding the visible planets, Venus is still bright in the eastern predawn sky. Mars is separating from the Sun now and will be easier to spot, even though he is still low above the eastern predawn horizon. Jupiter and Saturn are visible in the evening sky.


    See you next month in Pisces!



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