Astrology During Aries

    The Sun enters the sign of Aries March 20th at 2:26 p.m., Mountain Time. Aries is a fire sign and is associated with Mars, of course. Typical Aries occupations include fire fighters, investigators, athlete and warrior in general. This sign is the race car driver. Yes, most Aries like their coffee and drive fast. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and definitely has a pioneering spirit. It’s no wonder that the Astrological New Year starts with Aries on the Spring Equinox.

    Welcome to the Spring Equinox! This is one of the four dividing points of the year, called the seasons. There is the Spring Equinox, then the Summer Solstice, then the Fall Equinox and finishes with the Winter Solstice. This is all due to the Earth’s tilt of 23 ½ degrees towards or away from the Sun in a yearly orbit. When the northern hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun, it’s summer there and winter in the southern hemisphere. The opposite is true for the southern hemisphere.

    Regardless of where you live, the change of seasons has always been a reason for celebrating. The dark of winter is leaving as the days will surely be getting longer and little sprouts will be appearing. It’s the promise of spring. The Aries in all of us is awakened.

    Mars has finally left Gemini after a long stay due to a retrograde. Mars turned retrograde on October 30, 2022, and didn’t turn direct until January 12, 2023. But even though Mars turned direct, he will still be in Gemini until March 25, when he will enter the sign of Cancer. Mars in Gemini for that long of a time could have caused a low-level agitation if not channeled properly. Mars will only be in Cancer from March 25th – May 20th, so make sure you take the opportunity to benefit from this transit. Cancer relates to the home or personal surroundings. It’s about family, close friends and security. There is a nurturing quality to the sign of Cancer. If you want to redecorator your home, now is your time. Or maybe take a cooking class. Mars being in Cancer will be calm in comparison to Gemini. Enjoy.

    This month there is a huge planetary event or rather a phase starting. On March 24th, Pluto leaves stodgy Capricorn and enters the revolutionary sign of Aquarius! Pluto is the slowest planet in our solar system with an orbit of 248 years. That means he stays in a sign for a very long time, actually heralding a new era in humanity. Pluto will be in Aquarius all the way to the whopping time of 2044. That’s 21 years, folks. A very long time, even for Pluto.

    Since Pluto has such an eccentric orbit, he remains in some signs much longer than others. This is an extended stay for Pluto. Yes, Pluto will retrograde back into Cap from June 2023 until January 2024 until he remains in Aquarius. So, this brief time in Aquarius should give us a glimpse of what is to come. Pluto will only be in Aquarius for 2 ½ months from March 24th until June 12th, but we should all pay attention to what happens during this time as a harbinger of the future. This, of course, is the very beginning of the Aquarian Age!

    About the visible planets, Venus is easy to see above the western horizon after sunset. Mars is high in the sky at that time. We’ve enjoyed brilliant Jupiter in the evening sky for months, but alas, Jupiter is now lost in the glow of the Sun and we won’t see him for about a month. The only planet visible in the predawn sky now is Saturn.

    See you next in Taurus


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