Astrology During Aries

    The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 19th at 8:16 p.m., Mountain Time. Aries is a fire sign and is associated with the warrior planet, Mars. The sign of Aries is fiery, energetic and yes, headstrong. I’ve named Aries the Pioneers of the Zodiac since they like to jump into projects suddenly. Typical Aries occupations include first responders, fire fighters, athletes, surgeons and race car drivers. Their drug of choice is coffee. If you want to be pushed into exciting adventures, ask an Aries to be your buddy.

    The start of Aries always coincides with the Spring Equinox, or the beginning of the season of spring. The Fall Equinox starts the season of autumn with Libra. The Sun only sets due east and due west on the Equinoxes. If you want to get the exact position of the directions, watch the sunrise or sunset on the Spring or Fall Equinox.

    This month brings more than just the yearly Spring Equinox. We are in one of the two eclipse seasons of the year. On March 25th we will experience a Lunar Eclipse, which is a penumbral eclipse and will only produce a slight shadow. On April 8th we will see a rare Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse is so unusual that I wrote an entire article about it. I named the article, “The Bizarre Solar April 8th Eclipse.”  It is in the sign of Aries with a big grouping of other planets in Aries as well. https://www.susiecox.com/blog/the-bizarre-april-8th-solar-eclipse

    This Eclipse enters the U.S. from Mexico and moves diagonally across the country. It will be total in Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Buffalo and Syracuse. If you are in the path of totality, this is your chance to watch a rare Solar Eclipse. You will need protective eye gear until it’s actually total. If you live outside the path of totality, you can still see a partial Eclipse, which is also exciting. It will be 75% eclipsed in Tucson, and I’m hosting an Eclipse Viewing Party. You can do the same thing.

    An Eclipse is the perfect time to change as much as possible in your life. It is a suitable time to renovate your home or do major landscaping. It is also an excellent time to release whatever is no longer positive in your life. I’d be ruthless with this Eclipse and go through your closets and drawers. Give things away that are broken or don’t bring your joy. If you want to loose weight or start an exercise program, now is the time!

    In addition to these Eclipses this month, Mercury will also be retrograde from April 2nd – 24th. Yes, Mercury will also be retrograde in Aries. The sign of Aries likes to move forward at a fast pace and is a bit frustrating moving backwards. We could feel like we’re spinning our wheels and not going anywhere.

    This might be the most important month of the entire year of 2024. Patience is needed in April. Count to ten before you react to anything. Tempers could flare.

    Regarding the visible planets, Mars and Saturn are in the predawn sky but are getting quite close to the Sun and are harder to see. Venus has gotten too close to the Sun to be seen for a while. The easiest planet to see is Jupiter, who is still high in the evening sky.


    See you next in Taurus.


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