Astrology During Cancer

    The Sun enters the sign of Cancer June 21st at 8:17 a.m., Mountain Time. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with the Moon. This sign is emotional, nurturing, family-oriented and usually loves food. They often have potluck gatherings of friends and family. Having a Full Moon party is even better. Not surprisingly, good careers are nurses, chefs, counselors, botanists, ranchers or historians. This is the sign to do the genealogy for your family.

    The sign of Cancer always welcomes the Summer Solstice. There are two Solstices -- Summer and Winter. There are also two Equinoxes – Spring and Fall. These four astronomical moments divide the year into four sections that define the seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year. Many celebrations happen around the world honoring the Summer Solstice, especially in the extreme northern latitudes, where they have the Midnight Sun. Above the Arctic Circle, the Sun never actually sets.

    We have some exciting astrology this month. Mars enters Leo on May 21st and will remain there until June 11th. Mars is powerful in Leo and can help you move forward with some projects you have been wanting to start. Leo is the performer of the Zodiac, so you might find yourself in a leadership position with others looking up to you. Be your own boss and feel confident with your decisions.

    To make this even better, Venus enters Leo on June 6th. Mars and Venus like to be together because they create beauty, love and excitement as a pair. Romance and social activities are in the air. This is the month to have a planetary viewing party. Brilliant Venus is hard to miss and Mars will be just above Venus in the western sky. Be creative. Be bold and have fun!

    Regarding the rest of the visible planets, you can see both Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn sky. Of course, Venus and Jupiter will be prominent right after the Sun sets in the west.


    See you next month in Leo.


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