Astrology During Taurus

    The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 19th at 7:12 a.m., Mountain Time. Taurus is an earth sign and is associated with the planet Venus. The sign of Taurus is stable, determined, material and stubborn. Typical Taurus occupations include a bank teller, cosmetician, florist, perfumer, biologist and clothing designer. If you want someone to go shopping with you to buy fine things, ask a Taurus friend. Luxury is in their DNA.

    The month of Taurus opens with Mercury in retrograde motion. Mercury’s retrograde period is from April 1st  – 23rd. The entire retrograde will be in the sign of energetic Aries. This would be a wonderful time to do any light construction or maybe work in your garden. Aries likes you being physical, which will be an effective way to use this retrograde. Cleaning and getting rid of what you no longer need is a perfect thing to do during Mercury retrograde. Is it time for a spring housecleaning?

    The biggest astrological event during this month will be expansive Jupiter joining radical Uranus at 22 degrees Taurus. This conjunction only occurs approximately every 14 years. I’ve named them the Dynamic Duo in my article about them. The job of Uranus is to break old patterns so the future can emerge. Jupiter just makes everything bigger. The positive side of this duo offers unbridled energy, success and incredible opportunities. Technology, finance, marketing and global connections are favored.

    Jupiter, Uranus, the Sun and Venus will be joining each other from May 11th – 20th. This week will be a window of major opportunity for the world. Make sure you plan for something important during that time.

    The challenging side of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is full of chaos, unpredictable situations, heated tempers and feeling out of control. This radical joining of planets is on the heels of the Bizarre Solar Eclipse on April 8th, making April the most volatile month in 2024. Even though the Eclipse and this conjunction will be over this month, the large grouping of planets will remain for the next couple of months. There will be a definite hangover for a while.

    Society is at an especially important turning point in history, and it begins with each individual changing. This is your best shot to try something new, be adventurous, throw caution to the wind and be fearless.

    Looking at the visible planets, Mars and Saturn are in the predawn sky but are getting quite close to the Sun and are therefore harder to see. Venus has gotten lost in the glow of the Sun and won’t be visible for a while. We can still see Jupiter in the evening sky, although he is getting closer to the western horizon and will be disappearing soon. It’s been fabulous tracking Jupiter in the evening sky.


    See you next in Gemini.


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