Astrology During Taurus

    The Sun enters the sign of Taurus April 20th at 1:18 a.m., Mountain Time. Taurus is an earth sign and is associated with Venus, the planet of luxury. Good thing for the Taurus, who loves quality possessions . . . but at a bargain. The typical Taurus shops at the most expensive stores but goes right to the sales rack. Occupations for the Taurus include banker, clothing designer, cosmetician, financial advisor, gourmet cook and perfumer.

    This month starts out in a startling way. On the exact day the Sun enters Taurus, there is also a Total Solar Eclipse. It will be visible in Indonesia and northern Australia, but we will all feel it. Eclipse seasons happen twice a year with a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks apart from each other. This season we will have a Solar Eclipse on April 20th and a Lunar Eclipse on May 5th. The Lunar Eclipse will be visible in India, Russia and Australia. This one is only a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which is not total.

    An Eclipse is almost like a fast Mercury retrograde and is a suitable time to release and let things go. Not only physical things, like a major housecleaning, but also emotional patterns too. They are sudden turning points during the year. Both of these Eclipses are on the intense side because they both square Pluto at the peak of the Eclipse. It’s not just a regular Pluto, No, it’s a Pluto who is at the powerful zero degree of Aquarius. Remember that Pluto left Capricorn recently on March 24th and entered a new sign of Aquarius? Now Pluto is the focal point of both Eclipses. Pluto in Aquarius means change as well as Eclipses. When they align with each other, it’s double the power.

    The other planetary event this month is Jupiter entering the sign of Taurus. Jupiter will remain in Taurus from May 15, 2023, until May 26, 2024. Jupiter makes everything bigger . . . it’s his job to expand things. So, as Jupiter enters Taurus, he squares Pluto in Aquarius on May 18th. They are both at the delicate degree of zero. Why is that degree delicate? It’s like Pluto and Jupiter are flinging open their doors as they enter new rooms. Both Pluto and Jupiter will be in new terrain and a bit thrown off. The square from Jupiter means that he is challenging Pluto to indeed make a bigger statement as he enters Aquarius, the sign of humanity. This is a time for change on epic levels. Some we will see immediately, while others will take a while. But changes are in the air.

    Regarding the visible planets, we can see Venus above the western horizon after sunset with Mars higher in the sky. Jupiter is still in the glow of the Sun and can’t be seen. The only visible planet in the predawn sky is dim Saturn.

    See you next in Gemini.


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