Astrology During Virgo

    The Sun enters the sign of Virgo on August 23rd at 2:02 a.m., Mountain Time. Virgo is an earth sign and is associated with the planet Mercury. I’ve named Virgo the Perfectionist of the Zodiac. This sign is efficient, timely, disciplined and always does things in an organized fashion. If you need someone to help you move or clean out a storage room, ask your Virgo friend, who will gladly help. Typical Virgo occupations include carpenter, bookkeeper, computer analyst, editor, critic, dentist and mathematician. This sign is also about serving humanity, so non-profits and philanthropic foundations are common.

    This month opens with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde motion. Venus turns direct first on September 3rd while Mercury doesn’t go forward until September 15th. Make sure you organize your fall events before these retrogrades occur to avoid any confusion. This would be a great time for an early autumn house cleaning or preparing for winter. If we were squirrels, we’d be gathering our nuts to store them for the chilly weather. If you live in a cabin, this is the time to gather wood for the winter. Preparation time!

    There is a tricky alignment of planets this month too. When Mercury turns retrograde, it is right next to Mars. That is a combination that relates to making decisions or signing contracts. As Mercury and Mars join, they both oppose Neptune, who can be quite vague. This opposition lasts from August 18th – 27th. Make sure to read the fine print and pay attention to all the little details during this time. Of course, try not to sign any contracts during a Mercury retrograde period. There could be issues around water.

    About the visible planets, in the western evening sky, you can still barely see the last of Mars. Saturn who has been in the predawn sky, is now just emerging in the evening sky. Saturn will rise in the east just after sunset. Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the predawn sky, with Venus being closer to the eastern horizon and Jupiter high in the sky.

    See you next time for Libra and the Fall Equinox.


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