Astrology for Gemini

    The Sun enters the sign of Gemini May 21st at 12:10 a.m., Mountain Time. Gemini is an air sign who is associated with the mental planet, Mercury. Gemini loves to talk and to anyone who will listen. Perfect occupations for the curious Gemini are writers, teacher, media consultants, commentator, concierge, journalist, librarian and linguist. Most Geminis like to be self-employed as they enjoy their independence.

    The same day as the Sun goes into Gemini, Mars enters the sign of Leo and will remain there until June 11th. Mars loves being in Leo and will be able to act with freedom. This will stimulate the already excitable Gemini. Leo is the performer, so this is a wonderful time to catch some theater or live music. If you are in the mood to try something new, you will feel bold and brave enough to tackle it easily. Be theatrical yet kind.

    Venus will enter Leo on June 6th to join Mars. Venus will be in Leo all the way until October 9th due to her doing a retrograde. Both Mars and Venus will be easy to see in the western evening sky right after sunset. It will be so much fun watching them traveling together when Venus turns retrograde. So, we will see their beautiful planetary dance easily. Often this dance happens in the predawn sky, so you must wake up before sunrise to see them. This time, we can watch the sunset and then both Mars and Venus will be easy to spot. The next several months will be the time to analyze our relationships and see what adjustments might be necessary.

    About the visible planets, we’re in for a treat right after the Sun sets in the west. Both brilliant Venus and reddish Mars will be above the horizon. You can’t miss them. Venus is much brighter than Mars, but they will both be visible. Make sure to have a planetary viewing party on June 20th – 23rd. The New Moon will be joining both Mars and Venus on those days. The Best Viewing Ever! Both Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the predawn sky, but not as flashy as Venus and Mars.

    See you for Summer Solstice and the sign of Cancer.


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