Astrology of Lady Gaga

    Ok, I’m making a confession: my two obsessions are astrology and music. So why not combine the two of them. To enhance this article, I have Lady Gaga’s music blaring in the background. The current track that is playing is, “I was born this way”. Her lyrics say that we are all Superstars and I agree with her. Each of our personal astrology charts show that we were born this way and it is our destiny to become that grand person. I believe that if we are living our chart to the fullest . . . we grow into Superstardom.

    Lady Gaga has a powerful chart with her Sun in Aries, her Moon in Scorpio and her Rising Sign in Gemini. (I've put her chart at the end of this article).Her Aries Sun is high in the sky in her 10th house of occupation, which is a position of success. The Aries personality is the pioneer of the Zodiac and initiates new trends. She has broken many molds with her music as she is constantly trying new styles. She is considered a fashion icon and in the early phases of her career, she dressed with wild abandon with the intention to shock the world. It would have just been a gimmick if her she wasn’t that talented. But she obviously is seriously talented and has won nine Grammy Awards, an Academy Award and two American Music Awards. She is not only a songwriter and recording artist, but also a record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, activist, actress and philanthropist. Her Aries Sun can be proud.

    Her Gemini Rising is the lyricist in her as well as her need to wear several different hats. Geminis get bored easily and it looks like she’s too busy to have a boring life. Her Scorpio Moon is a great balance to the dynamic Aries and Gemini. The Scorpio in her needs some privacy so she can do your writing, which takes some quiet introspection. Since her Moon is right next to the intense planet, Pluto, she creates anthems with her songs and not just sweet ballads. Her words are crafted to empower people, just like the song, “I was born this way”.

    Looking at Lady Gaga’s red lines, which can be challenges, it seems that she is using them in a positive way in her life now. She has some red lines to her house of health, which explains her struggle with bulimia and anorexia since she was 15 years old. She also has a red line to her house of relationships. That might show her being an activist for the gay community. Her last red line to her Moon explains her need to create new songs.

    If the red lines in a chart depict her challenges, then the blue lines show her talents. Notice all the blue lines she has in her chart, which is a sign of lots of talent. The blue lines go up to the top of her chart, which is her public image. You can see that she was meant to be a star. Look at her strong Jupiter in her ninth house of international exposure, making her an global sensation.

    Keywords for the chart of Lady Gaga are: talent, versatility, shock value, reinventing herself, perseverance, boldness and passion. I think we are all lucky to have her and personally, I’m looking forward to her future lyrics. Her words will undoubtedly help us become our own version of a Superstar and also help us realize that We Were Born This Way.  



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