Astrology of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

    The world is fairly obsessed with Traylor now, or the new romance between Taylor and Travis. I had many requests to write about his chart and how it matches up with Taylor’s chart, so here is it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a time of birth, so I’m using the sunrise of the day that Travis was born. I don’t usually write about people who don’t have an accurate time of birth, but I made an exception with Travis’ chart, since their charts are pretty magical together.

    If you haven’t already read my article on Taylor, here it is to review. I’m not going to interpret Taylor’s chart since I just did it.  https://www.susiecox.com/blog/astrology-of-taylor-swift

    Let’s get to know Travis first before I do their comparison. Travis is a professional football player with the Kansas City Chiefs. They won two Super Bowls where he scored a touchdown in each winning game. He is said to be one of the best tight ends of all time, having broken several records with the number of yards he has run. In high school, he lettered in three sports: football, basketball and baseball. He was also a professional bowler. Since he excelled in football, he decided to go in that direction.

    In addition to playing sports, Travis has appeared not only in advertisements, but also on reality TV and scripted television. Travis was the host of Saturday Night Live on March 4, 2023. He co-hosts a popular podcast with his brother Jason, in which they talk about everything from football to pop culture. His brother is also a professional football player, who plays with the Philadelphia Eagles. Travis has a charitable foundation for underprivileged youth to mentor them in sports.

    Travis was born on October 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. He was born only two months earlier than Taylor, whose birthday is December 13, 1989. Since they were born so close to each other, the slow-moving planets are in the same signs in both charts. They were born in the same generation and have a lot of similarities.        

    Travis has his Sun in romantic Libra with his Moon in humanitarian Sagittarius. Since we don’t know his time of birth, we don’t have a rising sign for him. I calculated his chart for sunrise, which is on the left side of his chart. Mars was right next to his Sun when he was born. That definitely indicates an athlete. Mars is also in Libra, the sign of relationships. Mars in Libra is charming in a man. You can tell he’s a nice person from his chart. Mars next to his Libra Sun gives him a very strong desire for relationships. These two planets are the centerpiece of his chart.

    The red and blue lines form the geometry between the planets in the sky when a person is born. It’s a picture of the Solar System or the mandala in the sky. Red lines show our lessons and blue lines show our talents and gifts. The combination defines the individual’s purpose in life.

    At the very top point of his chart is Jupiter in the sign of Cancer. There are only two signs of relationships in the Zodiac, Libra and Cancer, and Travis has both of them. Family and relationships are extremely important for a person with Jupiter in Cancer. It is doubly important since it squares his Sun and Mars in the relationship sign of Libra.

    There is a strong grouping of planets at the bottom of his chart in Capricorn. Neptune, Saturn and Uranus are all conjunct each other at the base of his T-square. Capricorn gives a determination and focus to his character, which helps him accomplish his goals. It will guarantee him a strong need for a stable and long-term relationship.

    Interestingly enough, his other red square points at Venus, the planet of love. He has Venus in passionate Scorpio, which is square to the Moon’s Nodes. This is a powerful past life theme, involving love and relationships. He came here to find true love.

    In summary of his red lines: Travis’ life challenge is to be a star athlete while having a long-term committed relationship.

    Now let’s take a look at the blue lines in Travis’ chart. He only has one blue line, or trine, but it’s a good one. He has powerful Pluto in Scorpio in his house of money. Pluto indicates that Travis will go to the top in his field. The blue line to Jupiter at the top does show success in his career. Jupiter is also the philanthropist of all the planets and brings a focus on being generous and helping the world.

    In summary of his blue line: Travis’ lifetime talent is to be successful while helping the world at the same time.

    To summarize his chart: Travis’ destiny is to be an athlete, help the world, and be in love.

    Now let’s get to know the comparison between Taylor’s and Travis’ charts. Even though their birth charts look different, they have a lot of similarities. Travis was born only a little over two months before Taylor. To be exact, they are 69 days apart from each other. Travis was born on October 5th and Taylor was born on December 13th, both in the year 1989. Since they were born so close to each other, all the slow-moving planets are approximately in the same position in both of their charts. They both have that big party in Capricorn, as well as Jupiter in Cancer opposing the Capricorn planets. I haven’t circled any of the similar slow-moving planets, but only the planets that changed position between their birth dates.

    I have to start off with the juiciest planetary combination in their charts. Taylor’s Mars in Scorpio is exactly joining Travis’ Venus in Scorpio! Mars and Venus are the romantic planets, and Scorpio is the sexiest of all the signs. Oh yes, they are romantic partners. It’s easy to see in their charts  that they are hot and passionate. That’s one of the best connections that a relationship can have in astrology. It is interesting that it is Taylor’s Mars and Travis’ Venus for a bit of a role reversal. She is richer and more famous than he is.

    Taylor’s Sun is in Sagittarius, and Travis’ Moon is also in Sag. That is the sign of the traveler, and it seems to work for them. Travis just visited Taylor in Argentina for one of her concerts on her world tour. Sagittarius loves to have fun, laugh and enjoy unusual experiences. They have a double Sag going for them.

    Looking on the right of the chart, you will see both of their Jupiters in Cancer joining each other. Taylor has her Moon in Cancer there as well. The Moon is emotions, and the sign of Cancer is all about security and family. Both Taylor and Travis are close with their families. It seems that their parents have met each other and are amazingly similar.

    Taylor’s career didn’t need a boost, but their relationship sure has had an impact on the NFL. The sales of Kelce’s jersey and new viewers for the Chief’s games have jumped exponentially.

    The comparison between Taylor’s and Travis’ charts is one of the most positive that I’ve seen. We all wish them the very best of luck finding love. Their astrology shows that they’ve got a good chance of succeeding. 


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