The Dance of Venus and Mars

    The planets Venus and Mars are doing an extraordinary dance this summer that will last into early 2024. Now is the time to put on your dancin’ shoes, folks. We are in for quite a show.

    Recently we saw the spectacular joining of brilliant Venus and Jupiter. They could be seen after sunset above the western horizon. They were stunning and hard to miss. Jupiter is now lost in the glow of the Sun. Bye Jupiter!

    The exciting planetary alignment of Venus and Mars will be the focus for the next several months. Soon Venus will be joining Mars, also after sunset above the western horizon. But alas, Mars is not very bright now. When Mars is closer to the Earth, he can be bright red and quite easy to see. Now Mars is not bright, even though he is still reddish in color. This is the time to use an app, like Sky Maps, so you can make sure to see Mars. Binoculars can also be helpful. It’s worth a little work because this doesn’t happen often.

    Venus and Mars are some of the planets that most people know. Venus is the planet of love and Mars is the planet of war. Of course, there are many more sides to these amazing planets. Venus is associated with art, music, fashion, beauty, design and creativity. She’s the planet of femininity. Venus has an orbit of a little less than one year.

    Mars is associated with action, drive, bravery, ambition, sports, pioneering and moving forward. He is the planet of masculinity. The orbit of Mars is approximately two years.

    So, getting back to their dance, Venus will be next with Mars for much of this summer. Venus will move to within 15 degrees of Mars on May 21st, and they will be travelling together in the sky until July 24th. Check out this chart!

    What I do is go out and watch the sunset and then I wait until it gets a little darker to see the planets. Now I’m watching Venus and Mars. Venus will pop out very soon, but it will take a little longer for dim Mars to be seen. With a little practice, and your app or binoculars, you will get good at spotting them. I do this Every Night!

    Here is the trick, folks. You must go out at the same time each night to watch them, which is why I look for them right after sunset. If you go out at 8 one night and 10 the next night, Venus will have already set, and you won’t be able to see how the planets move relative to each other. It’s called Relative Velocity. One of the most spectacular things to see in the night sky is when planets are close to each other, and you can see how fast they move. When a planet is alone in the sky, it’s hard to see its movement.

    Not only will Venus and Mars be traveling together for months, but they will be in Leo almost the entire time. Leo is a fire sign and is known for its drama. Relationships will be in focus during this time, guaranteed!

    Since Leo is the sign of entertainment, this will be an excellent time for the arts, theater and any social events. To really honor Venus and Mars, have a party! Make it bold and even on the outrageous side in true Leo style. I invite you to my Venus and Mars party! Making it a costume masquerade party would be Leo enough. Go all out and it will be memorable and even legendary.

    Venus, in the strong sign of Leo, will give women a loud voice that will be heard easily. Mars will empower women in addition to the Leo personality. Mars will enter Leo on May 20th and Venus enters Leo on June 5th. They will be together in Leo until Mars enters Virgo on July 10th.

    This is where the dance gets interesting. After having been next to Mars for two months, Venus turns retrograde on July 24th at the last degree of Leo. It’s like Venus has had enough of Mars after those months of dramatic Leo situations. She has decided to regroup by herself after that.

    For any weddings that are being planned, please get married before or after Venus turns retrograde! You Do Not want a retrograde Venus for your wedding chart.

    There is still more to this Venus Mars story. Venus is associated with Libra while Mars is associated with Aries. At the same time Venus and Mars are conjunct in the sky, the Moon’s Nodes change into the signs of Aries and Libra. The Nodes have an orbit of 18.6 years, so they only transit through those signs once in that time. They remain in the new signs for 1 ½ years. The North and South Nodes form a plane in space and when the Sun and the Moon join the Nodes, there is an Eclipse.

    In a personal chart, the Nodes describe the karma and destiny of the individual. The South Node is karmic, and the North Node is about destiny. On a collective level, humanity goes through a phase, depending on which signs they are transiting through. Society will be experiencing an Aries/Libra phase from July 12, 2023 through Jan 29th, 2025. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

    This is a double whammy in astrology. We are already seeing some Venus/Mars conditions happening now. A focus will be on the personal rights of women over their bodies. Who is in charge of their bodies, the woman and her doctor, or the government?

    Gender bending is in full swing even now. I filled out a form last week that had 6 different choices of gender. Along with Male, Female and non-binary, one of the choices was ‘neither.’ Children as young as 5 years old are being given trans gendering education and are being told they can choose their gender. Drag Queen shows are prolific.

    To make this even more interesting, during the closest connection of Venus and Mars, they are both square to the Moon’s Nodes. If you remember my recent article on Pluto Square the Nodes,we are in an unusual time in history. Pluto is making a rare ingress into Aquarius and will remain from 2024 – 2044. This must be the very beginning of the Aquarian Age. Check out this chart! Venus and Mars are opposing Pluto and square to the Nodes. Pluto is at the infamous degree of Zero as this happens. Remember that Zero degree is when the planet flings open the door to the new sign and enters fearlessly. https://susiecox.com/blog/pluto-squares-the-nodes

    Aquarius is the sign of individuality and freedom and it sure is being expressed through Venus and Mars at this time. Everyone can choose which gender they identify with and dress and act just as they please.

    Personally, this is your time to find your strong voice and take charge of your life. Be bold while changing the main thing that is bothering you. Venus and Mars will help you realize your inner strength. 

    To top off this Venus/Mars dance beautifully, after Venus does her retrograde, she finally catches up to Mars, but not until February 21, 2024. They both have transited around the Zodiac and will end their dance in Aquarius, right next to Pluto! The Dance of Venus and Mars will start when they opposed Pluto and will end when they joined Pluto. We can expect startling and transformational times, folks.

    This is so juicy that you can’t make this up.


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