The Mid-Term Election Eclipse

    Astrology always coincides with worldly events and the upcoming mid-term election is no different. There are only two Lunar Eclipses per year and November 8th is one of them. Not only is it an Eclipse, but it’s a nasty one too.

    An Eclipse occurs when both the Sun and Moon align with the Moon’s Nodes. The Eclipse seasons are six months apart with a Solar Eclipse happening on the New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse occurring on the Full Moon.

    The Moon’s Nodes are intersecting points between the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon. When the Sun, Moon and the Nodes are all together, one planet eclipses the other or blocks the light as seen from the perspective of the Earth. The orbit of the Nodes is almost 19 years long, so they are fairly slow and important. Therefore, the Nodes transit through a sign will last about 1 ½ years. One interesting thing about the Nodes is that they always move in retrograde motion.

    Right now, the North Node is in Taurus and the South Node is in Scorpio. The Nodes entered Taurus and Scorpio in January 2022 and will remain there until July 2023. Both Taurus and Scorpio are involved with finances and who is in control of the money and resources.

    Physically, the Nodes are points in space, but what do they stand for? There is a North Node as well as an opposing South Node. In a birth chart, the North Node explains the destiny and lifetime focus of the individual. The South Node is more problematic and shows his or her unfinished business. They are karmic points revealing past life or deep patterns in life. There is also a collective consciousness side to the Nodes. They reflect what society is feeling. It’s like an era that humanity is experiencing for 1 ½ years.

    In this Eclipse chart, there is a major T-square between the second house, eighth house pointing to Saturn in the 11th house. This configuration dominates the chart with only four blue lines who are trying desperately to balance all the red lines in this testy chart. Remember that red lines show challenge and the blue lines show positive, unifying energy. The red lines are taking charge in this Eclipse chart, so let’s look at them first.

    In the eighth house is the Sun, South Node, Mercury and Venus --- all in Scorpio. This is the sign of secrecy and undercover operations, so it’s likely that not all the information regarding the election results will be revealed easily. Opposite them in the second house are the Moon, Uranus and the North Node --- all in Taurus. Uranus is the rebel of the Zodiac and has been traveling with the North Node for the last several months. This is reflected in the global demonstrations that have occurred over the restrictions on personal rights, namely the recent reversal of Roe v Wade by the divided Supreme Court. People are going to be voting in record numbers in response to suppression.

    Speaking of suppression, we have to look at the focal point of this chart, who is Saturn in the 11th house. Saturn is the planet of mandates, lockdowns and restrictions. He is the taskmaster and tyrant of the Zodiac. The radical and progressive Uranus and collective North Node are in conflict with the outdated style of stodgy old Saturn. Last year Saturn and Uranus squared each other three times and this is their last pass at each other. Right on the mid-term election! It seems to me that there will be many independent thinkers who are tired and done with all the rules set by the hierarchy and will vote accordingly. So, this will be a fight between the future and the past in epic proportions. Delays with results are very likely.

    The other more minor red squares are between retrograding Mars in Gemini at the very bottom of the chart to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house. This square actually makes things worse. Mars only turns retrograde every 26 months or a little over two years. The sign a retrograding planet is in determines the area being affected. Mars is in Gemini, the sign of communication during this retrograde, which could cause anger as well as disruption of information. One side could say the other side is lying and vice versa. Gossip and confusion could arise as a result.

    This is made worse since Mars is square to Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is often involved with misunderstanding or deceit. Jupiter will make everything a massive event.

    In summary of the red lines: Confusion and anger will arise around issues about the control of humanity’s freedom. This vote is about the past vs. the future.

    Now let’s look at the very few blue lines. The line between Pluto in the 10th to the Moon in the second house almost doesn’t count. The Moon moves so fast that it only lasts for a few hours. It does show emotional intensity and passion. The blue line between Neptune to the Scorpio planets is similar in that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all very fast planets, so that will only last a couple of days around the election.

    The only significant trine, or blue line, is between Saturn and Mars. But this line is compromised due to Mars being retrograde and Saturn being the bad guy in the chart with all the red lines pointing to him. This trine is about the people making up theirs mind on how to control what the oppressive Saturn means to them. People are mad and it shows in this election chart.

    In summary of the blue lines: Despite emotional intensity and confusion, a decision will be made to move society forward.

    I’m encouraging everyone to vote and become part of this historic election. We are all ushering in the Aquarian Age and this is the very beginning, folks.


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