Tough Saturn Enters Soft Pisces

    On March 7th, 2023, Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces. Saturn has been the main planet in focus for the last year and he is now leaving radical Aquarius and will be entering spiritual Pisces. This ingress is one of the main astrological events happening this year.

    Saturn has an orbit of approximately 29 years and is therefore in a sign for about 2 ½ years. The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1993 – 1996. That was the time when the internet was really starting to gain popularity. The time before was 1964 – 1967. Of course, that was a time of unrest leading to the flower children generation. Let’s see what will happen this time Saturn moves through Pisces.

    Saturn is the authority figure of all the planets and is associated with the strong sign of Capricorn. Saturn’s traits include strictness, sobriety, maturity, common sense, diligence and public recognition. Typical Saturn occupations are executives, administrators, managers, economists, engineers, leaders and the patriarch.

    This is in stark contrast to the fluid style of creative and mystical Pisces, who is associated with watery Neptune. Pisces are compassionate, emotional, kind, empathetic and artistic. They often live in their own happy little bubble. Their interests include meditation, yoga, healing arts, dreams and quiet introspection.  Their challenge side is to be the victim/martyr and deal with addictions or the need to escape. Typical occupations include healers, therapists, caregivers, bartenders and social workers.

    Saturn felt strong in the last couple of signs he has been in. Saturn was in Capricorn from January 2018 – December 2020. Saturn was involved, along with Pluto and Jupiter, with the infamous Capricorn Party and the resulting global lockdown around the pandemic. Rules, regulations and mandates are the job of Saturn. Then Saturn moved through Aquarius from December 2020 through March 2023. That phase brought a rebellion from all the mandates of 2020. This Aquarius phase also changed some of the old ways society dealt with gender, with the emerging of the non-binary generation. Rebellion also hit the mid-term elections when young women turned out in record numbers to vote amid restrictions on the rights for women and their control over their own body.

    What will happen with Saturn in Pisces? After Saturn’s power in Capricorn and Aquarius, he will be a lame duck in Pisces. It’s like the strong presence of the taskmaster is standing in a puddle of water and is wading through a muddy stream instead of walking on solid ground and being respected and in charge. Structured Saturn just doesn’t understand how to operate in this loosey goosey watery sign of floaty Pisces. Saturn will feel debilitated and weak.

    What challenges can we expect with Saturn in Pisces?

    • Since Saturn rules the land and Pisces is the sea, there will be issues with water and flooding. Political situations will likely occur regarding water rights.


    • Pisces is associated with drugs, so there will be more drug regulations around the opioid crisis and the misinformation from Big Pharma. New laws will pass in the cannabis industry.


    • Mental Health will be in the news more than ever.


    • Resolutions about the crisis of so many people who are homeless.


    • Intentional fake news will be rampant. What is real and what is fake?


    • Creating and maintaining boundaries will be important globally as well as personally.


    • Staying focused will be more difficult during this phase.


    • Trying to be social versus wanting to be a hermit.


    Of course, there are good things that will be happening during Saturn in Pisces. What are some of the positive ways to use this transit?


    • Spiritual Discipline. Saturn loves routine and Pisces is the meditator, so this is your time to actually have a regular meditation practice.


    • Take some healing classes like: yoga, Pilates, herbal remedies, swimming, hiking and massage.


    • Creative work. If you are ready to start a book, business or work of art, now is your time.


    • Philanthropy. New foundations will be established to help more people.


    • Sobriety. If you have been struggling with addictions, Saturn will help you focus.


    • Make your dreams real. Write a business plan and just do it!


    If Pisces is flowing water, Saturn will want to build a dam to restrict the flow. But it might be a good thing to bring structure to water. If you see too much time going by without much being accomplished, this transit will help. Saturn loves to build something real.

    Saturn and Pisces just don’t understand each other, nor do they like each other. It’s like a serious lawyer and a psychic healer are stuck in an elevator for 2 ½ years! What will happen? Will the lawyer turn the healer into an accountant? Or will the healer teach the stodgy old guy how to meditate and balance his chakras? Or, they could just sit in opposite corners and have a stare down for a while. No matter what, it is certain that there will be a blending of their very different energies into something new and suitable for these trying times.


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