Uranus Enters Taurus = Change

    Welcome to a new phase in humanity! The rebel Uranus will enter the sign of stable Taurus on March 6, 2019 and won’t leave until April 27, 2026. Since his orbit is 84 years, Uranus remains in a sign for about seven or eight years. Because Uranus is one of the slow-moving planets, this will reboot society. Hey, if it’s changing the world, it will definitely be stirring up each of our personal lives too.

    Uranus dipped into Taurus for a bit while I was in Barcelona for last summer. Since then, he did a retrograde back into Aries, but will be fully into Taurus after March 6th. We had a little tease, but now the change is happening for real.

    Looking at Uranus first, we can all expect sudden change. It is the duty of Uranus to create radical, sudden and shocking new beginnings. Each one of the planets has a different role to play to create a unified support system for us by the entire solar system. For example, Venus brings love and Saturn brings structure.  One of them needed to bring chaos and Uranus chose that job. To add more to the profile of Uranus, the independent sign of Aquarius is associated with this Rebel.

    Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac and is in charge of inventions and new technologies. This planet is here to push society to a breaking point, which will challenge old paradigms in many areas of life. Any patterns of suppression will be targeted by fearless Uranus and will no longer be tolerated. This change of consciousness will be on a global scale for the purpose of demolishing the old and rebuild it anew. Everything antiquated will be transformed. Uranus looks at bettering the future by tearing down the past. The internet is a perfect Uranian concept. Everyone online is connected with each other but still separate. Keywords for Aquarius are independence, equality, tolerance and international unity.

    Now let’s get to know Taurus and see how Uranus will combine with this secure sign. Taurus is an earth sign that is associated with Venus. Taurus needs structure, stability, security and money in the bank. I’ve named Taurus the Banker of the Zodiac. This lucky sign always seems to have luxury surrounding them. This sign is also involved with beauty, art, food, the Earth and the environment. Also, typical Taurus energy is resistant to change with a thick layer of stubbornness spread on top. So, this is an unlikely pair that doesn’t really understand each other. Chaos vs. stability? Will they blend together or be at odds with each other? We’ll know that answer after April 27, 2026. But let’s see if we can take a peak and see what is in store for the world.

    Here are some probable trends that will happen during this phase:

    • Crowd funding, like GoFundMe will become more common.
    • Virtual currencies, like Bitcoin.
    • Demonstrations for financial equality.
    • Global marches for human rights.
    • Climate changes affecting land masses.
    • Technological discoveries merging with the body – cyborg style.
    • New ways to grow food.
    • Computerized art.
    • Advancements with alternative medicine.
    • Revolutions.


    I know this all sounds terribly exciting as well as a bit unsettling. Astrology is cyclic and all the phases are necessary for growth. The easiest way to handle this change is to embrace it fully. Resistance is futile. What can you change in your life that will feel like a reboot? Many people will be moving or downsizing during this time. This is the best time to boldly live your dreams.

    Remember that this is the very beginning of the Aquarian Age. No one ever said it would start with a snore. Instead, it will start with each of us being reborn into our true, authentic self. Let’s see this as the most exciting time is our lives. We might as well, because these changes will happen with or without us. If we embrace the changes, it will be a lot more fun for us all. And yes, Barcelona is still calling me.


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