What's Up for Your Sign During Aquarius?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aquarius. This will be a very powerful birthday month for you. Both the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius on January 20th! Pluto is all about transformation, and this marks the very beginning of your new life. Make as many big changes as you can to kick start your lifestyle in a totally different way.


    Both Saturn and Neptune are in your sign of Pisces now. Saturn will be there until February 2026 to help you focus on important goals. You will feel more grounded and determined than normal. Projects will seem easier to get accomplished.


    The North Node, which is the point of destiny, is in Aries for the next year. You will shine brightly during this time. Now is your time to start a new business or project. Try something that you have been wanting to do for quite a while. You can do it!


    You are being blessed with both abundant Jupiter and opportunistic Uranus transiting through your sign of Taurus now. Jupiter will be traveling with you for the next year. Think big and move forward!


    You are transforming, dear Gemini. This is the month to go through your things and get rid of what you no longer need. See it as a purging to prepare you for new beginnings that are happening very soon. Release so you can receive.


    All the planets that are in Capricorn now are opposing your sweet Sun in Cancer. You will be expected to accomplish some difficult tasks this month, but you’ll do it easily. You are more focused and driven than usual. Use this powerful energy to help you get things done.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Leo on January 25th. Jupiter and Pluto are involved with this Full Moon to make it more intense. You will be the person who leads the show this month. Have a Full Moon party and show off a bit. You know you want to, and now you have permission.


    Your power dates are at the very end of January. There is a perfect triangle in the sky between several planets in earth signs. Your Virgo Sun will be supported by this rare triangle. You will shine and will take center stage, which is not normal for you. Everyone will be watching you, dear Virgo.


    This month you will feel very sociable and will want to be around friends and family. Art, music and beauty will be your focus now. Go to art gallery openings and to the theater. Surprise some friends, and buy them tickets to an art event.


    You will be pulled by friends to go out more than you enjoy. Go to some of the events, but also honor your Scorpio need for privacy. They will be happy to see you, even if it is only every now and then. Who knows, you might actually enjoy going out for a change.


    You have several planets moving through your house of communications now. Reach out to people and connect with them. If you have any writing projects, this is the month to accomplish them. You are clever now and it will show in your projects.


    All the fast moving planets are in Capricorn now. Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in your sign, which will give you extra energy this month. You will want to be active and have fun. This is a great way to start out the new year for you, dear Cap.


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