What's Up for Your Sign During Gemini?


    Happy Birthday, dear Gemini. This birthday month will be extra special because the abundant Jupiter is entering your sign and will be there for the next year. This is your time to shine and be incredibly successful. Go for it, Gemini!


    The large group of Gemini planets is in your 12th house of inner wisdom. You might want to spend extra time at home to realize how fortunate you are to have the life you live. Celebrate in a quiet way.


    You will be inspired this month by all the exciting mental energy of the Gemini grouping of planets. Act on your intuition to accomplish your ideas that have been forming for years. Now is the time for action.


    Your Virgo Sun is being opposed by the Pisces planets and squared by the big grouping of Gemini planets. You are likely feeling driven to start new projects. Your mind is racing with ideas. Jot them down or better yet, get them done!


    Libra is an air sign and is being supported by the large grouping of planets in airy Gemini. This is a good month to invite friends over to have a light-hearted gathering. Have a potluck dinner and watch the conversations fly.


    The big grouping of Gemini planets is moving through your 8th house of other people’s money now. Abundant Jupiter will be there for the next year. Now is the time to expand your finances and upgrade your life. You can do it!


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Sagittarius on May 23rd. Have a small Full Moon party in your honor. This is a perfect Full Moon to push the boundaries and get a little wild. Get dressed up and go out dancing with friends. Howl at the Moon.


    All the Gemini planets are moving through your 6th house of the body this month. If you are in the mood to start an exercise regime, the planets are supporting that. Apply your Capricorn determination, and you will succeed.


    The last week in May will be your power time this month when the Moon is in Aquarius next to powerful Pluto. Trust your deep intuition during that week and you will be guided in a new direction.


    The Moon will be in Pisces and will join both Saturn and Neptune at the very end of May and the beginning of June. If you can, take a couple of days off and just rest or even better, go to a spa or retreat. You will be in a dreamland, so please honor the opportunity for inner peace.


    Mars is your planet and will be in Aries until June 8th. This is your time to tackle demanding situations. You will have the strength and energy to accomplish almost impossible feats now. Mars will help you.


    Jupiter has left your sign of Taurus to enter Gemini. This last year Jupiter has blessed you with new abundance. Now is the time to expand those opportunities into new arenas. Inventive Uranus will be in Taurus until August 2025 and will help you accomplish your mission.


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