What's Up for Your Sign During Taurus?


    Happy Birthday, dear Taurus. This will be an exciting birthday month for you with Jupiter and Uranus joining in your sign of Taurus on April 20th. You will feel a sense of expansion and a new beginning. It might be sudden and will rock your world. Create a new lifestyle for yourself.


    The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will fall in your 12th house with a large group of planets there as well. You are at the end of a phase in your life and will be starting totally new quite soon. Now is the time to wrap up the old in preparation for your new lifestyle.


    Your power dates this month will be in mid-May. The Moon in Cancer will align beautifully with both Saturn and Neptune in the water sign of Pisces. You will feel calm, while many people will feel quite agitated. Spread your soothing energy to those who need it.


    You will be extra energized this month due to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. New and unexpected opportunities will present themselves to you. Only choose the ones that make you feel happy and free. Be picky.


    Your Virgo Sun will be supported by the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in the sky at this time. There is a huge party of planets in Taurus now that will wake up your Virgo. Are you ready to try something new? This is the time.


    There is a large group of planets moving through your 8th house of other people’s money this month. Now is the time to go through your files and organize everything. There might be a financial win on your horizon.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Scorpio on April 23rd. Both the Sun and Moon will square your planet, Pluto. You will most likely want to be quiet this Full Moon. You love your privacy and will particularly enjoy this inner time.


    You have a large grouping of planets in your 6th house of your body this month. Now is a great time to start an exercise regime or step up what you are already doing. Get physical!


    There happen to be several planets in Taurus now that are aligning and supporting your Capricorn Sun. Stay busy this month and get caught up with any unfinished business. If you stay focused, you will get a lot accomplished.


    Pluto will be in Aquarius until September when he retrogrades back into Capricorn for a couple of months. Then Pluto enters your Sign of Aquarius and will remain there for 20 years! This is your wrapping up phase to prepare for a new lifestyle.


    Mars will be in your sign of Pisces until April 29th when he enters Aries. Use the time while Mars is in Pisces to finish up some projects. You can get a lot done between now and then.


    Mars will be in your sign of Aries from April 30th until June 9th. Mars is your planet and will stimulate your energy during this time. You will feel stronger than usual and will want to start new projects. Choose a hard one that will take a couple of months to complete.


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