What's Up for Your Sign During Taurus?


    Happy Birthday, dear Taurus. This will be quite a birthday for you since there is a Total Eclipse of the Sun occurring on April 20th. See this birthday as a turning point in your life. Let go of anything you don’t want to carry into your future. Be fierce.


    Venus is still in your sign of Gemini until May 7th. Squeeze in some time for self-pampering. If you are feeling in an artistic mood, create something of beauty. Get social too. Could you have a little party? Yes!


    Venus will enter your sign of Cancer on May 8th and will remain there until June 5th. This would be the perfect time to reorganize and incorporate Feng Shui into your home. Do a huge spring housecleaning and rearrange things. You will be so happy you did.


    Don’t feel bad if there are a few people who are jealous of you now. You are doing so well, and they just feel lost. Don’t take it personally and just continue to shine. Everything will work itself out soon.


    With so many planets in earth signs now, you are either feeling stuck or possibly overworked. Know that you don’t have to be responsible for everything. Just look after yourself for a little while and you will settle down. Balance is the keyword for you now.


    You might have your hands full now with helping others in tough situations. Certain members of your family or friends have gotten themselves into a pickle and you are the person they will be coming to for soothing. You can do that easily, dear Libra.


    The Full Moon will be in Scorpio this month on May 5th. It’s not just a Full Moon but it’s a Lunar Eclipse instead. An Eclipse in your sign gives you the opportunity to change your life. Make decisions about what you are not happy with and want to change. Now is the time.


    The second week in May would be an enjoyable time for a road trip, dear Sag. You get spring fever more than other signs and must explore the world when the mood strikes. Plan for a trip to a new destination to bring even more excitement into the journey.


    There a several planets in earth signs that are connecting in a powerful way with your Capricorn Sun this month. You will feel like being more physical than normal. Maybe take a hike in the country with friends. Build a fire and make marshmallows, just for fun.


    With Pluto now in your sign of Aquarius, are you feeling different? You should express yourself more easily as you come even more into your power. This will be a slow transit, so it will take a while to fully show itself. This is a suitable time to start lifting weights to show yourself how strong you are.


    There is a perfect Grand Trine between planets and in water signs. You are maybe the wateriest of all the water signs, dear Pisces. So, you will benefit from this water triangle in the sky. Expect miracles.


    Jupiter will leave your sign of Aries on May 17th and won’t be there again for another 12 years. Did you expand your horizons last year? Now is the time to reflect on that time and see how much you have grown. This is just the beginning.


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