What Up for Your Sign During Aries?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aries. Your birthday is always close to the first day of Spring! This Aries month starts out with a New Moon in Aries on March 21st. Celebrate your birthday is grand style this year. Do something new that you have never done before.


    Venus will be in your sign of Taurus until April 11th. Venus is all about beauty and luxury. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a spa day with friends. Take a look at your art and see if you are ready for sprucing up your surroundings.


    On April 12th, Venus enters your sign of Gemini and will remain there until May 7th. Beautification is the word of the month for you. Reach out to your besties and have a little fun party. Go through your closet and freshen things up. Yes, you can go shopping for new clothes. Venus absolutely approves.


    Mars enters your sign of Cancer on March 25th and will remain there until May 20th. Mars loves doing renovation and even construction. If you are in the mood to redecorate your home, go for it. Be bold and adventurous. Yes, you can knock down a wall. Mars loves making big changes. You know you are ready for something new.


    All the planets in Aries are supporting your Leo Sun this next month. You will feel even more bold than usual. This is a good month to try something new and adventurous. Bravery will take you to a different place . . . your Leo will like it!


    There are several planets in Taurus now that are stimulating your earthy Virgo. Do you want to plant a garden this year? Now is the time to plan for it and decide what you want to grow. You do have a green thumb, dear Virgo.


    The Full Moon will happen in Libra this month on April 5th. It would be a wonderful night to have a Libra Full Moon party. The planets are lining up in a very comfortable pattern conducive for a cozy and fun gathering.


    This will be a month to look at your relationship patterns. If you’re not satisfied with your social life, now is the time to change it. You can have sudden realizations that will really change things. Trust your intuition, dear Scorpio.


    You have several planets in the house of your health and body awareness now. If you are up for starting a new exercise routine or changing your eating habits, now is the best time. This is also an enjoyable time for a spa day or self-pampering.


    Mars is aligning with your Capricorn Sun now to give you extra energy this month. Mars likes to update your environment, so if you want to beautify your surroundings, do it. This could even be a time for light construction.


    The slowest and maybe the strongest planet, Pluto, is entering your sign of Aquarius on March 24th until June 13th, when it will retrograde back into Capricorn. Pluto will enter Aquarius again on January 22, 2024, and will remain there for over 20 years. This is just a teaser of what is to come. You will be entering the most powerful time in your life soon!


    Mid-April you will have the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all in your sign of Pisces. This is the best time to let your creativity shine. Make sure to focus on art, music and spirituality. Just have fun, dear Pisces.


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