Who should have their birth chart interpreted?

Aside from empowering with self-discovery and self-confirmation of what is in your stars, you can help yourself and others to understand themselves better:


  • Your child - When your baby takes his or her first breath, your child is born. At the same time, a unique astrology chart is also born. The astrology birth chart defines the purpose in life for your little being. If you want to get to know your newborn baby, even before he or she can walk or talk, have an astrology birth chart created and you will become a more intuitive parent. More


  • New parent - One of the best birth presents for parents is an astrological birth chart. A baby born under the sensitive and gentle sign of Pisces will need a different way of being nutured and raised than that tough and independent little Aries. Knowing the unique style of that special little person will help them become a more loving mother or father.


  • Family members - The ultimate astrology compatibility is to compare all the charts of your family, and see how they get along with each other. Typically, there are areas of compatibility and others that aren’t quite as harmonious. When you know their compatible sides, it’s easy to encourage those patterns in your family’s daily activities.


  • Your pet - Sometimes the ones we lean on the most also walks on four legs. A pet is as important as the rest of you family. Shouldn't they be treated as one of your favorites?
What else can birth charts help me with?

From self to others, the natural next step is to look at how relationships can work between people. Having an analysis of two or more individuals with completely different birth charts is invalueable knowledge to see how compatible they can be with each other:


  • Love -  It's not just how your sun signs match up but involves the entire chart! Does his Mars join your Venus? If so, that's a combination that shows an instant attraction and is often said to be "love at first sight". If your Aquarius and his Saturn sit on your Sun then you'll feel held down by their strict attitude but if you both have Moon in Leo then loyalty may hold you together. The compatibility charts are used to learn the deeper areas in which you and your love are the most and least successful. More


  • Business - Need more information that your business partner is the yin to your yang and together will take your company IPO?  Do you have a new manager who you can't get a handle of how they work? Gather more information about how you both (or your group) work together and make an informed decision. See here for case studies and how we can help with your career.


Astrological Reading of Birth Charts

The Birth Chart is a picture of the sky taken at the exact place and time that a person is born. Unique to every person, it shows the talents, purpose and potentials that person has and can reveal the highest potential she or he will have in this lifetime.

What is a Birth Chart?
Why should someone have their birth chart interpreted?

There are many reasons why you would want to have a birth chart interpreted:

  • Tool for self-understanding
  • Tool for understanding important people in your life
  • Comparison charts for compatibility