Some heartfelt praise from her clients


“Receiving this chart as a Birthday gift has been an inspiration to me and a recognition that I have been on “a right path” for me. It has really made a profound change in my thinking about “what the heck I am doing on this planet” and helped me to understand why I have made many of the choices that I have in my life so far, and has now given me a clearer focus for my future.” David — Los Angles, California


“I had my first reading with Susie more than 25 years ago when a friend gave me a reading as a birthday present. I have had readings with astrologers, before but none had totally blown me away the way Susie did. Her readings are amazing because she has the unique ability to make her readings easy to understand and very accessible. Her approach of creating a natal chart that outlines the specific challenges and strengths with which each of us come into this life is brilliant. And boy is she dead-on right in her readings! There is such specificity to her readings that you cannot say “oh well that would apply to anyone!” I have given readings with Susie to countless friends over the last twenty-five years and everyone has loved it and most have become long-term clients of Susie’s. Even those people who have been extremely skeptical about astrology in general have come away impressed by her readings. Susie is the best and I value having her in my life!” Timothy — Paris, France.


“I Just wanted to thank you for the amazing reading. I feel so different…that last little part of me that thought I might be delusion for thinking I could have it easily and quickly is gone. You’re not only a gifted astrologer but healer as well. I knew you had a piece for me, and I got it.” Linda – Vermont, USA


Newborns and Children’s Chart Testimonials

“Ten years ago today my daughter, Daisy, was born. Knowing that I would need a C-section, I called Susie to determine the best time astrologically to have my child. Shortly after Daisy was born, Susie did Daisy’s chart and got her personality exactly right! She is strong-willed and determined, and she is also a leader, someone who loves people and the arts. She is a child who is self-confident and beautiful from the inside out and greets the world with love and openness. Knowing who Daisy is astrologically, her challenges and strong characteristics, has helped me relax as a mom to know she is who she is in every respect and has been that way since she was born.” Terry – Manhattan, NY


“Thank you so much for the reading you did for our precious Abby (at 2 months old). I appreciate that you took the time throughout the reading to educate me about astrology – the signs, houses, planets, nodes, transits, etc – in a way that made all the various symbols on her chart make sense. And then to expertly weave together all these pieces into a clear reading that was very specific and personal to our little one’s life ahead. I think what surprised me the most about this reading was the peace of mind that came from learning about her strengths, challenges, opportunities, and mostly how she fits so perfectly into our family. It was a great confirmation for what I already felt in my heart. Thank you, Susie!” Nicolle – Tucson, AZ


“My gift to new mothers is a Susie Cox astrological reading for the newborn baby. For about the last 15 years, this has been my standard present. Now, everyone knows what their gift will be, as soon as they get pregnant. Susie’s astrology readings are so spot on that they’re almost eerie in their accuracy. Now that I’ve seen these little babies grow up, I can see how amazing her interpretations have been. The babies become their chart as they grow up. Her interpretations are always positive, yet are very instructive to the new mother with the best way to handle their little one. Thanks, Susie!” Marilyn – Malibu, California


Teaching Testimonials

“As a teacher, Susie Cox is truly a gift to astrology. While taking her classes I noticed her ability to not only simplify astrology’s complex terrain, but also to make it contemporary and accessible to the layperson. Being her student not only provided me with the vast storehouse of astrological knowledge I needed, I was also encouraged to use my independent thinking in organizing the information for my own benefit as well as the empowerment of others. Susie’s classes not only expanded my knowledge of astrology, but have also accelerated my professional development. As a result of her instruction, I’ve been able to start a full-time astrology practice with an ever increasing amount of clientele. I can’t begin to thank her for the generosity of mind and spirit she displays in helping others understand and practice astrology.” Jason – Memphis, TN

“Susie is a born teacher. Maybe it’s because her sun sign in Gemini rests so comfortably within the teacher archetype. It was very clear that when I made my own commitment to Astrology, that Susie was the one who would teach me. Susie was so passionate about Astrology and exuded this in her teaching sessions. She was positive, curious, and at the same time honest and with high expectations of her students. I bet she had a smile on her face most of the teaching sessions I had with her. She taught me the foundations of Astrology ever stressing her own personal philosophy to read a chart with clarity without waxing too vague! Starting with keywords and then moving through all the basic tenets of Astrology, it was such a pleasure to have a teacher so versed in the language of the stars that she could teach it with grace, fluidity and fire. I am now a professional, working Astrologer with my practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah.” Shari


Business Astrology Consulting Testimonials

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you were dead on about it being a good time to sell my house. My relatives have rental properties and when I mentioned I was going to move, they offered to buy my house! Now I don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a realtor, plus I’m saving money by not doing so! Thank you so much for your lighthearted candor and pinpoint insight. You are the real deal!” Mark — Denver, Colorado

“I have to thank Susie Cox for her insights and astrological knowledge. She has been my astrologer for over 20 years now, and I have gotten used to calling her, or now emailing her, when I have important decisions to make. One big decision, when I was in a lawsuit years ago, was to choose a new lawyer. I gave her the birth dates of three prospective lawyers and she chose, using their charts, which one was the most compatible with me. She chose one, and I have to admit, he wasn’t my first choice at the time, but I trusted Susie and astrology. Looking back, now that I know all these lawyers better, boy, did she choose the right one for me. He’s been my lawyer ever since and I can trust him, because of his astrological compatibility with my chart.” Vicki – Venice, Italy

“I have used the services of Master Astrologer Susie Cox for more than twenty-five years in my business. My company is a multinational financial consulting business and mainly involved with hedge funds. My first consultation with her was on the phone, but after that I flew her to my headquarters to work personally with the employees of my company. It was the best money I ever spent! I saw a huge increase in profitability, I think due to the employees feeling more empowered. It was such an incredible change for the positive that I’ve used Susie’s services ever since. Of course I also use her transits for timing my investments and business decisions. The Astrocartography has greatly helped me with decisions of where to expand my new satellite offices. On my payroll, I added Susie in the category of business consultant. She has a natural talent of explaining the complicated subject of astrology and somehow makes it easy to understand. Susie is a real professional yet she is also caring and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to business owners who want their businesses to become even more successful.” George — Singapore

Susie Cox has been my astrologer for the last twenty years and I don’t know what I did before I met her! I started using her consulting services for my personal and relationship needs, but I soon realized her extensive background working with international businesses. Since then, I’ve hired her and utilized her brilliant, down-to-earth suggestions to help me make important decisions in my business. I own an international marketing business and work with huge multinational companies to help them with their advertising and branding. I have offices in several countries and I’m traveling most of the time. Over the years, Susie has taught me astrology, so now I can understand astrology easily and know how it synchronizes with my life. I contact her quarterly to map out my agenda. One of my yearly rhythms is to take vacations during those pesky Mercury Retrogrades. It saves me all kinds of headaches to know when that is happening, so I can hit the beach! Thanks, Susie, for helping me to make my business successful beyond my dreams!” Jeannine – London.


Love Compatibility Testimonials

“If you want to cultivate the strongest, sexiest, and most solid love life you can, consider getting a Comparison Chart reading with Susie Cox! The very first time I did I was in real crisis. One session with Susie was so revealing that I literally left the session feeling freer than I ever had in my life. By looking simultaneously at my personal transits and that of my lover, she helped me cut through the confusion that often accompanies love relationships. After the session I was able to navigate towards what “relationship beauty” was being offered to me; and not to say no to it. Believe it or not, I was blind to the beauty, not just the difficulties. I might have missed out on the greatest love of my life had I not met with her. Susie is a natural interpreter, and she lent me strong insight into where changes would be beneficial, where imbalances existed, and where to accent the positive potentials. It helped me take off my blinders and feel more proactive. I have benefited so much that I continue to have readings done with her as transits change, and my love life has never been better. Or stronger. Or sexier. Or more fulfilling. By staying in touch with the current transits as well as working with the long term themes that have emerged I find that love compatibility charts have become a cornerstone of my work with her.”  Melissa – Maui, Hawaii

“I have known Susie for about six years. During that time, Susie has performed the most inspired, positive and supportive readings that have helped me navigate my life. When I began dating my childhood love, I knew that I had to have Susie do a comparison chart for us. All I can say is, WOW! Susie identified many subtleties of our relationship that no one else would know, and gave me a deeper understanding into those intricacies. She even offered advice on how to approach the very few challenges that we have with our charts. After six years of experience with Susie, I can’t explain how much it meant when she gave our chart comparison a two-thumbs-up and declared us kindred spirits. Susie’s approach to astrology is unmatched and always constructive and positive. I am so grateful to be the recipient of her talent.”   Allison – Malibu, California


Astro*Carto*Graphy Testimonials

“I call myself a nomad and am lucky enough to be able to travel as much as I want, and wherever I want. But I was wandering around aimlessly before I met Susie Cox. She started out doing my astrological birth chart, but as soon as I realized her style with travel, I’ve been using her valuable expertise ever since with my world journeys. Her vast knowledge of astronomy makes her understanding of the world much more clear than other astrologers I’ve used. So for about 15 years now, I’ve hired Susie to plan my itinerary for my yearly travels. She’s opened up new places for me that I never knew existed… and I’m a major world traveler! There is no way I would have known that my Venus line goes through Bali, one of my favorite destinations. Now I can do even more feminine dancing, ceremonies and rituals there knowing Venus has blessed it. My birthday is the time I get the yearly Astro Maps done for my upcoming year. I remember a few years ago I had Susie join me at a resort spa to give her a treat. Over the years Susie has become my beloved friend as well as my trusted astrologer. I feel so lucky to have found her, as my experience is much different with her in my life.”      Anastasia – Bali (for now)

“I love astrology, but just recently discovered my new favorite technique, which is the Astro Maps. My husband and I have three children and we like to take family summer vacations to exotic places around the world. I had my children’s charts done when they were born so I could be a better mother to them. Now, I’ve had all of our maps done so I can find out where the best places to travel are for everyone. I want to make sure all my children are in good places within their world, too. We have so much fun looking at all our maps and deciding where to go the next summer. With the red and blue lines system that Susie invented to make things easy, even the little one knows her Venus blue line. I want to thank Susie for making what I thought would be very complicated easy as pie. Now I wouldn’t even consider traveling anywhere, unless I knew what line was there. Could I relax on my Mars line? I don’t think so! Thank to Susie, I feel like I’m a true citizen of the world.” Andrea – Athens, Greece.


Sabian Symbol Testimonials

“One of the many features of Susie’s approach is her simple but in depth approach to untangling the many facets of astrology and the affects on your journey. Susie gets to know you deeply, and while her knowledge is deep and complex, she makes it easy and simple to understand with keywords and keen insight. Susie has multiple ways for looking at your place in the world, including reading your Sabian Symbols. With a foundation of your natal chart firmly in place, Susie can then take a look at your Sabian influences. For my particular journey, this insight has given a deep and accurate compass to navigating major change and decisions, and yes, healing. Plus she makes it positive and fun!” Caroline — Atlanta, GA.


Workshop Testimonials

“Susie has been my astrologer for almost 33 years now. Boy time goes fast! Even though I thought I understood my chart, oh my! When I attended my first astrodrama workshop with Susie is when my chart finally clicked for me. I never really understood my Jupiter in the twelfth house, but now I see my Jupiter as that dancing jester, playing his harp. It made so much sense to me, that I was actually quite deeply moved. When I saw my chart acted out through fanciful characters, it took away all the fear I had for the bad guys, Mars, Saturn and even Pluto. Mars is just a little boy having a tantrum, I can handle that! Since Susie is a dancer herself, she makes her astrodrama workshop easy and graceful . . . just like a dance. Susie, Thanks for breathing life into astrology for me!” Michele – Mallorca, Spain

“I first met Susie when she introduced me to my chart over 30 years ago. Since then, I have co-founded a Center for Transformation called Alchemy here in London. Susie has given a number of talks and has held Astrology workshops at Alchemy to an ever-growing international audience. She has an outstanding capacity to take such a vast subject and make it accessible to all. Having witnessed many teachers along the way, Susie is without question one of the best. Her Astrodrama workshop in particular was not only fun, but truly one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended.” – Nicole Hambro, London, UK