Astrology Transits is the term used to talk about the movements of the planets in the sky. We can review transits that will happen, is happening or has happened. Most people look at it as a tool for the optimum timing of events in your life, including business ventures.


Astrology Transits




What questions would transits address?


By looking at the transits (the position of planets now) with your personal birth chart, we can discover "power dates" or special days and periods in time can help with making an important decision or taking specific actions. For example, starting a business during Mercury retrograde is usually a recipe for failure. However, if you open your doors on the Full Moon, your business has a much better chance of being a success.


Other reasons to review transits to find the best periods are:

  • Signing contracts
  • Planning travel to visit family or vacationing - see more about AstroCartography to help decide where to go!
  • Starting a business by yourself or with others - see specific Business Services for more information
  • Wedding or Divorce Dates - understand more about compatibility between the both of you with the Compatibility Charts.
  • Taking a new job or leaving one
  • Retirement