• Birth Chart and Transits - a blueprint of your life explaining your talents as well as your challenges. It defines your life purpose. Transits show what cycles are happening now and in your future. First time clients. $350. Return clients. $300.


  • Children and Newborn charts - an astrology chart for your little ones will give the parents a better understanding and therefore help them become a better parent or mentor. $200.


  • Astro*Carto*Graphy* - a map of the world showing your power spots. Where to travel for business, love or holidays? Your map knows. $300.


  • Compatibility -  a chart telling how you get along with others. It can be used with relationships for love, business or family connections. $450.


  • Sabian Symbols - a picture of your archetypes or sub-personalities. You might have a High Priestess or an Indian Chief in your soul. $300.


  • Business Astrology - You could have Susie in your pocket as you make business decisions. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is priceless information. TBD


  • Media Events - Invite Susie to speak at your next event for a memorable and insightful experience. TBD

Services and Prices