Astrology Compatibility Charts

“Love Astrology” is one of the most searched phrases on the internet. Everyone wants love! Once you find love, the next natural step is to learn your love compatibility, which reveals how well you will get along with your partner. It’s not just how the sun signs match up. It involves the entire astrology chart. Does his Mars join your Venus? That’s a combination that shows an instant attraction and is often love at first sight. But if you are an Aquarius and his Saturn sits on your Sun, you will feel held down by his strict attitude. This is all priceless information if you are trying to make a lifetime decision about love. Astrology love compatibility is a great technique to get to know your new romantic interest instantly, so you can make decisions about your potential future with this person. This technique can be used to learn the areas in which you and your new love are the most and the least compatible. The compatibility charts also show areas of potential conflict… always a good thing to know for a new romance! Is yours a sexy Venus relationship or a heavy Saturn relationship? You will want to know that before you make a commitment.


Compatibility is also for other relationships


Comparison astrology charts aren’t just for your love life, but can be used to investigate other relationships too.  Many business owners have business astrology compatibility charts done of their business employees to enhance the teamwork and therefore grow their profits. Some people even check out the astrology charts for their potential doctor or lawyer.  With your new astrological knowledge, all your personal relationships will improve greatly.