Astrology Lectures and Workshops


Susie presents astrology lectures that are full of information, and with a humorous edge to keep your audience riveted and learning. She's excellent at making complex subjects easy to understand. All the topics can be presented both as a lecture and as a workshop.


Decoding Birth Chart Workshop

Knowledge of the twelve Sun signs is the basis of astrology. In her book, Susie’s Sun Signs, she describes the differences between each sign in fashion, music, pets, exercise styles and even love. Susie will go through all twelve signs, Aries through Pisces, and you’ll get to know each one in a positive and creative way. This lecture is suited for practiced astrologers as well as the novice. It will give even advanced astrologers a new, modern look at this ancient language of astrology.

Susie’s Sun Signs

Knowledge of the twelve Sun signs is the basis of astrology. In her book, Susie’s Sun Signs, she describes the differences between each sign in fashion, music, pets, exercise styles and even love. Susie will go through all twelve signs, Aries through Pisces, and you’ll get to know each one in a positive and creative way. This lecture is suited for practiced astrologers as well as the novice. It will give even advanced astrologers a new, modern look at this ancient language of astrology.

Susie’s Love Signs

Once you know your sign, the next thing you’re interested in is the sign of your loved ones. In her book, Susie’s Love Signs, she explained how all the signs get along with each other using Astrology . . . Or not. She gave “The Best and the Worst” of how all the Astrology signs get along. This workshop will look at the compatibility of all the sign combinations regarding to: Personalities, In the Bedroom and Cohabitation. This fun, sexy lecture will give you the tricks to attract any sign of the Zodiac that your heart desires.

“I’m a big fan of Susie Cox and have attended numerous lectures she has given. All her lectures are high-tech power point presentations, and she is obviously comfortable with the newest technologies. I’m also friends with her on Facebook. But why I’m such a big Susie fan is that she makes astrology fun and easy. I have to admit that I flunked geometry in high school, and never have had an aptitude for numbers. Until I met Susie, I didn’t think I was smart enough to understand astrology. I thought it was only for the mathematical types, which I’m an artist and not at all good at math. But over the years, I’ve become a pretty good hobby astrologer, all because Susie gave me the confidence I sorely needed to tackle a study that I thought was too difficult for me, which of course, it wasn’t. When she puts characters on the planets, they come to life and you can never forget them! Even an artist can understand Susie’s fun style of astrology. I will always use astrology, because of Susie…Thanks!” Jackie – Manhattan, NY

Venus Goddess 

Your sun sign represents your inner core and basic personality traits. Your Venus sign represents your feminine side or the goddess within. The style of goddess within you is dependent upon the sign that Venus was in when you were born. Knowing your Venus sign empowers your creativity, your relationships with others, as well as the relationship with your personal inner goddess.


In an Astrodrama workshop, Susie Cox will help bring your astrology birth chart to life, while facilitating people to become each of your planets. What would Jupiter say if he could talk to you? He would tell you how successful you are destined to be when you work with him. Your Venus would tell you how beautiful or handsome you are. You will always remember your chart after watching it come to life with Astrodrama.

Experiential Astronomy and Astrology

In this workshop, Susie will teach the astronomy that is involved with astrological movements. People will become the planets and walk through their orbits around the Sun, heliocentrically. The astronomical phenomena Susie will explain will be: the Sun/Earth interaction showing the seasons and the cardinal cross, and the Sun/Earth/Moon connection showing the lunar cycle and the Moon’s Nodes and eclipses. She will also portray the inner retrograde versus the outer retrograde motion. Susie will easily show all those hard-to-visualize astronomical motions in such a visual way, that anyone can understand.

How to Interpret an Astrology Chart 

After having worked as a consulting astrology for 32 years at the prestigious Canyon Ranch Health Spa, and interpreting over 50,000 astrology birth charts, Susie is an expert at explaining an astrology chart to a total novice. She has developed an interpretation technique using keywords, which is simple and easy to use, with a very practical outcome. Susie teaches chart interpretation at Kepler College, and this is the exact technique she teaches her third-semester students, who are earning a four-year college degree in astrology. 

Susie Cox has been a very popular and well-received lecturer at several international astrology conferences that I have directed. She is an excellent speaker and she knows her subject well. On top of that, she is one of the very few full-time practicing career astrologers I know. She is truly a credit to the profession of astrology”. Sincerely, Raymond A. Merriman Former President of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research, Inc), 1994-2000, 2002-2008.

The Nighttime Sky 

Susie Cox was born under the big skies of Tucson, Arizona, and has become an expert at viewing the night sky. She attended the University of Arizona and studied astronomy, which she weaves seamlessly with astrology. This lecture is done outdoors to view the dark evening sky, ideally out of the glare of city lights. Susie will show you how to find the planets along the ecliptic, no matter where you are traveling or are located on the globe. You will become friends with the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Ecliptic and the planets that you can see with the naked eye. No binoculars or telescopes necessary!

The Astrology of Current Events

Every moment has an astrology chart, not just a person’s birth. So when an event occurs in the world, the job of an astrologer is to make sense of these sometimes senseless events. The moment Michael Jackson died astrologer Susie Cox ran into her office to print the chart. Why did he die now? The moment President Obama got elected she printed out the chart of the election and of course compared it with his birth chart to see why he won. For this lecture Susie will have a list of current events and will let the audience choose which event to investigate.

The Capricorn Bunch, 2020 and the Aquarian Age

Did the Aquarian Age start during the 60’s with the Beatles? How do we end the Pisces Age gracefully? Everyone is talking about this big group of planets in Capricorn, what does it mean? She will look at the large cycles that will affect us all, in a positive light. We are in an extraordinary time in history and Susie will explain it using the most perfect clock in the sky, astrology.

Astrology for the Resort and Health Spas Industry

How can astrologers be more gainfully employed? One idea is to work in the spa and resort industry. Susie Cox worked at the world-class Canyon Ranch for 32 years and will share her experiences as an astrologer in the spa world. The lecture will cover the daily life of an astrologer, how to handle multiple sessions in a row and also hints on interpretation. Professional astrologers who are looking for new clientele will love this lecture.

Basics of Astro*Carto*Graphy

Astro is Astrology and Cartography is the study of maps and this technique combines the two. Where do your start when you look at a world map with all the planetary lines drawn on it? At first it seems complicated, but with a little guidance, it’s actually easy to read. If you are interested in adding a new technique to your astrological repertoire, this is the workshop for you!

Advanced Astro*Carto*Graphy

Ok, so you’re comfortable with normal relocation techniques. But what do you do when your clients ask you where they should travel for their holiday with their entire family? Or what if they ask where to travel and when? Advanced Astro*Carto*Graphy will help you be able to set up a yearly travel itinerary for your clients. This workshop will give you the techniques to answer all the travel needs of your clients.

Chart Interpretation Made Easy

If you want to know what the Kepler College students learn about chart interpretation, this is the workshop for you. Discover an easy, foolproof style of interpretation that can be used with any house system or type of chart. If you want more ease and clarity with your interpretation technique, this might be just what you need.

How to Write a Monthly Sun Sign Column

Susie Cox has written a monthly Sun Sign column for well-known designer, Tory Burch, for eight years. This easy technique will help you find power dates for all the signs of the Zodiac. If you are interested in pursuing your writing career, this might just be the boost you need to succeed.

Astrology or Astrophobia: Which one do you use?

How can we use astrology to give us what we want in life? Or are we afraid of that Mars transit coming up? Love or Fear, which vibration is stronger when you think about the astrology? Are we working with our planetry allies or are we dodging bullets? When we align our energy, we create our reality. If it’s positive energy, we create good things for ourselves. If we have fear, doubt or worry, we create challenges. This workshop will show you how to use astrology and future transits to create your optimum life experience and let go of all fear.

Finding the Astronomy in Astrology

Astrology and astronomy both use the solar system as the basis of their study. The Ecliptic is the great highway in the sky and can be easily seen in the astrology birth chart. You can see retrogrades and even if "Venus is the Morning or the Evening Star" in the chart. Take the chart outside and match them up with the planets in the evening or morning sky. Once we're connected with heavens, we can feel more comfortable with our personal birth chart.