How do business owners use astrology?


  • Choose a date for the start or launch of a new business

  • Timing for crucial deals or decisions

  • Astro*Carto*Graphy for locational strategy for business

  • Astrological compatibility between employees

  • Choose the perfect time to sign contracts




Businesses and Corporations, even Fortune 500 companies, use Astrologer Susie Cox to make their ventures even more successful. Team building is a crucial component in having a successful, fulfilling business. If people are at odds with one another, the productivity of your company is diminished… along with the profits. Astrological compatibility is crucial in knowing how to effectively manage your employees. A good leader knows how to bring out the very best in each employee, and their astrology charts help. Business compatibility analysis indicates what each individual needs to be happy and therefore productive in work.


Astrology is the ultimate tool for timing. Understanding your company’s chart can greatly enhance your achievements in business. Timing is everything. Knowing the most auspicious time for making financial decisions often determines the outcome. If you start a new project during an eclipse or during Mercury retrograde, the project has a harder time because it was started at a weak time. But if the planets are in favorable positions in the astrology chart of your business, success is almost assured!


“Millionaires don’t use astrology. . . Billionaires do!”

- Financial tycoon, J. P. Morgan

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