Astrology During Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 23rd at 9:38 a.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the planet of intensity, Pluto. Since Scorpio is private, often they are misunderstood. If you want to tell a secret to someone and know it will go nowhere, tell a Scorpio friend. Their traits include being psychic, passionate, loyal, focused and sometimes controlling. Typical Scorpio occupations include an analyst, chemist, tax consultant, psychologist, private investigator, estate lawyer and hypnotist. This sign is involved with the unknown and discovering mysteries.

    There will be a Lunar Eclipse on October 28th with the Sun in Scorpio and the eclipsed Full Moon in Taurus. An intense lineup is occurring during this Eclipse with several planets involved. Jupiter is right next to the Moon, which will make a stronger experience for everyone and will elevate emotions. An Eclipse is the best time to release deep patterns in your life. This would be an excellent time to have a Full Moon party. Make sure to show everyone Jupiter right next to the Moon. You can’t miss it!

    Both Mars and Mercury are traveling with the Sun this month, and they are all in the sign of Scorpio. Mercury is of course about communication. Mars is action-oriented and stimulates the mind when he is next to Mercury. This is the perfect time to focus on a big project that will take about one month to complete. Scorpio is involved with finance, so reorganizing your office or files would be a great project. Scorpio also likes to release things. So, if you are in the mood to go through your closets and clean them out . . . go for it!

    About the visible planets this month. . . the planets in the evening sky now are brilliant Jupiter and dim Saturn. Mars and Mercury are too close to the Sun to be seen now, but Venus is bright in the predawn sky.


    See you next time in Sagittarius!


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