Astrology of Paul McCartney

    Since music and astrology are my two obsessions, I’m in the mood to look at some iconic artists. Last month I wrote about Lady Gaga’s chart and I wanted to honor Paul now. Sir Paul McCartney, that is. Paul happens to be important to me personally for several reasons. His birthday is June 18th and mine is June 17th, so we are Gemini almost twins. But more than that, I was a teenager when the Beatles emerged, and they helped me grow up. When “I Want to Hold Your Hand” came out, I became an official teenager and suddenly grew up and thought for myself. I’m sure this is a common story for many people as the Beatles helped define an entire generation.

    In addition, I was inspired to write about Paul after watching the new movie, “Yesterday”. Well, I liked it so much that I watched it four times, folks.

    Ok, here is my confession: I had a crush on Paul when I was 15 and I still have one on him now. So, this is your amazing chart, Sir Paul.

    He has his Sun in smartie-pants Gemini, his Moon in entertaining Leo and his rising sign in efficient Virgo. The Gemini in him is the song writer and lyricist. He also has the cute, youthful look of a Gemini. If you notice in his chart at the end of this article, you will see that Paul is a very good Gemini with four planets in that fun sign. He has Mercury in Gemini, the writer, which is close to his Sun. I call that combo the genius of the Zodiac. He also has stable Saturn in Gemini, which gives him a stamina and perseverance that continues to current times. His recent album, Egypt Station, is one of his best. I played it over and over again many times when I got it because I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s blaring in the background right now as I write this.

    Paul also has the rebel, Uranus, in Gemini too. That planet brought a style of change and actually, revolution. The world has never been the same since we heard their music. The Beatles really started the spiritual and consciousness movement of the 60s.

    His Moon is in the sign of the entertainer, grand Leo. Paul has three planets in big Leo to help him be one of the best entertainers of our time. His dedicated Virgo Rising gives him the ability to focus and write an incredible amount of material.

    Another very important planet in Paul’s chart is inspirational Neptune rising when he was born. If a person has a planet that is rising, it is much stronger than any other planet. Neptune is the visionary of the all the planets. It’s the muse that talk to us and Neptune sure is a good muse for Paul.

    If you look at his chart, you will see that almost all his planets are high in the sky, which is the position in the chart to show the world what you have to offer. Paul is offering his Gemini words to the world and we gladly receive them.

    The colored lines in the center of his chart show the geometry in the sky between the planets at his moment of birth. It’s his mandala. Red lines show a mission and focus of what we are here to accomplish in our lives. His mission is to bring his brilliance to people through his music. The Blue lines talk about our talents, gifts and destiny. His Blue lines also go up to the top of his chart to ensure his words are being heard. One Blue line is from the visionary, Neptune to the rebel, Uranus. That means that his inspirational words helped change the world, which they did and still are. His other Blue line goes up to successful Jupiter in his house of career. That line connects the South Node to Jupiter. The South Node shows our unfinished business from past lives. Obviously, Paul is doing his past life mission. That combination brings international success through his words.

    Sir Paul, I want to thank you for helping my generation to find our collective voice. Please continue your mission to bring a new consciousness to our planet. I’m sending a generation of love back to you, Paul.



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