Astrology of Russell Brand

    You might love him or you might hate him, but Russell Brand stirs up emotions no matter what. He is a controversial Gemini and seems to be in hot water now, so it’s a good time to look at his chart. Let’s first get to know Russell, who is brilliant and quite a character.

    Russell is an English comedian, host, actor, podcaster and activist. He’s received three British Comedy Awards and was nominated for a BAFTA Award. He’s been in 23 movies, 25 TV shows, has won nine awards, has produced six stand-up comedy CDs and has written eight books. Brand has been the host for the MTV Music awards, as well as for Saturday Night Live.

    He was an only child. His parents separated when he was six months old, and he was then raised by his mother. When he was fourteen, he developed the eating disorder, bulimia. At sixteen, he left home after having a disagreement with his mother’s partner. He then started using illegal drugs like cannabis, amphetamines, LSD and ecstasy. In one of his BBC Documentaries entitled: Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery, he expressed his view that drugs should be decriminalized.

    Brand says he had a “strange relationship” with his father, who took him to Thailand to visit prostitutes when he was a teenager.

    Russell’s first theatrical performance was when he was fifteen in a school production. He then started working as a film extra. He had a scholarship to Italia Conti Academy of the Arts but was expelled after one year for drug use and poor attendance.

    He has been diagnosed with ADHS, bipolar disorder and pornography addiction and went through a phase of self-harming. Brand is a Buddhist and does Transcendental Meditation twice every day. He also has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a vegan.

    I first became aware of him when he married the pop singer, Katy Perry. They met in 2009 while they were both shooting the film, Get Him to the Greek. They got married in October 2010 in a Hindu ceremony in Rajasthan. Russell filed for divorce in December 2011, citing irreconcilable differences. Katy says that she hasn’t heard from him since he texted her that he was divorcing her. Just days after the divorce was final, Russell was interviewed by Howard Stern. He said he was still in love with Katy and would never say anything bad about her. Russell married Katy without a prenuptial agreement and was entitled to half of the $44 million she earned during their marriage, but he declined. Katy is now with Orlando Bloom, and they have a darling little daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

    Russell married Scottish blogger Laura Gallacher in 2017, and they have two daughters.

    He might be more stable now, but recently several women have accused him of sexual harassment between the years 2006 – 2013. Russell admits he was promiscuous but insists that all his relations were consensual.

    Let’s take a look at his chart now. Russell was born  on June 4, 1975, in Grays, UK. Russell’s Sun is in intelligent Gemini with his Moon in impulsive Aries and a diligent Capricorn rising sign. He is the perfect Gemini with his outspoken podcast and all the books he has written. His Aries Moon has grand Jupiter and assertive Mars flanking it on either side, which is not an easy emotional setup. Luckily, with his stable Capricorn rising he has accomplished a lot, despite his unstable Sun and Moon.

    Looking at his chart, we see the geometry between the planets at his moment of birth. The red lines explain challenges in a person’s life, and the blue lines show the talents and gifts. The birth chart defines a person’s lifetime patterns and destiny.

    Let’s start with Russell’s Sun in Gemini in his 5th house of creativity. He also has Mercury, the communicator, in Gemini there too. His Gemini Sun needs to get his ideas out to the world. His Sun is opposing Neptune in Sag in the 11th house. Neptune is the planet of addictions, which has caused plenty of problems in his life.

    His Aries Moon is joining Jupiter and Mars to create a volatile combination. The Moon is his emotions and Jupiter makes his emotions feel out of control. Mars adds intensity, since it is associated with Aries. They all add up to impulsive, erratic, dramatic and unpredictable emotions. Being in the 3rd house of communications probably helps, since he can at least let out his feelings through his ideas and books.

    Mars is in opposition to intense Pluto up in the 9th house of publishing. Pluto represents powerful people in the world. You can tell that Russell enjoys going against authority figures and probably pushes lots of buttons while doing so.

    The Moon and Jupiter both square Saturn in Cancer in the 6th house. Saturn represents the status quo and the traditions that Russell wants to challenge. Saturn is the old and Jupiter is the new.

    Russell’s last red line is a square from his Venus in Cancer in the 7th house to radical Uranus in the 10th house of his occupation. Venus in Cancer is a sweetie and has a loving and cozy feeling toward relationships. Uranus, the rebel, stands tall at the very apex of his chart and brings radical ideas to the world. Apparently, a major problem with the marriage to Katy Perry was a conflict of schedules with both of their busy careers. It would also explain his sudden change of heart and a divorce text.

    In summary of his red lines: Russell’s life challenge is to bring his unusual idea of freedom to people, even if it conflicts with the current narrative.

    Now let’s look at Russell’s blue lines or talents and gifts. There are two blue lines, or trines, from Neptune to his Aries party. Even though Neptune is about addictions, it is also the planet of creativity. Neptune trine Mars is the spiritual warrior who wants to save the world. Neptune trine the Moon and Jupiter is here to help heal emotions through empowerment. In Russell’s mind, if he inspires people to think for themselves, then he has helped them. Neptune is wisdom when used properly.

    Russell’s other blue line is from independent Uranus to clever Mercury in Gemini. This is the genius in his chart. His brilliant Gemini ideas found an outlet in his successful career.

    In summary of his blue lines: Russell is a genius and is here to move the world forward with his futuristic ideas.

    To summarize his chart: Russell’s challenge is to control his addictions and find positive ways to communicate his ideas to humanity without causing too much disruption.

    Since Russell is in the news now about the sexual allegations from several women, let’s take a look at his current transits and see what they show. Transits are where the planets are presently positioned in the sky. They are transiting through the sky. I chose the current Solar Eclipse on October 14th for the transit date.

    Russell only has two transits, but they are both huge. The first one is the Solar Eclipse in Libra, the sign of relationships, at the very top of his chart that aligns with his Aries Moon and planets down in his 3rd house. For an Eclipse to occur, the Sun and Moon need to join the Moon’s Nodes. Even though the Nodes define an Eclipse, metaphysically they describe our past-life patterns. The North Node is more positive, and the South Node is about what needs to be fixed. The South Node connected with this Eclipse in Russell’s chart, showing the area that needed fixing. The entire bunch of planets involved with the Solar Eclipse landed right at the top of his chart, which is his point of career and reputation. This huge group of testy planets shows problems with his occupation now.

    The other very important transit is intense Pluto entering his 1st house. Pluto has an orbit of 248 years and therefore not everyone will experience Pluto in that position. Pluto is about death of the old and rebirth of the new. It’s a major turning point in a person’s life. In addition, transiting Pluto is opposing his sweet Venus in Cancer in his 7th house of relationships. His current stable life is being rocked right now, I’m sure.

    The transits always show what is occurring in a person’s life. It’s really obvious to see what is happening in Russell’s life now. Pluto will be triggering off his Venus the rest of the year of 2023. Hopefully he will be able to resolve this situation and get on with his controversial life in a more positive way. Good luck, Russell!



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